Where Can I Sell My Tools For Cash Near Me

where can i sell my tools for cash near me


Have you ever found where can I sell my tools for cash near me? Your house might be full of power tools that are collecting dust. Well, you can sell them for cash. It is possible to sell them to legitimate companies for cash. My aim with this article is to provide you with a list of companies that will accept your tools.

Who Buys Used Tools Near Me

Check out these places where you can sell your tools for cash and get paid by selling used tools.

paymore website

1. PayMore

Among the biggest tool buyers in America, PayMore belongs to this group. You can sell basic and industrial tools to them. All of that is handled by PayMore. The company buys, sells, and trades power tools. Some of the items PayMore will purchase include:

What Kind Of Tools They Buy

  1. Cordless Power Tools
  2. Heavy Duty Power Tools
  3. Electrician Tools
  4. Automotive Tools
  5. Power Tools
  6. Networking Tools

Companies They Work With

  • Hilti
  • Fein
  • Klein
  • Bosch
  • DeWalt
  • Makita
  • Milwaukee
  • Snap-On

With PayMore, you can sell tools for cash easily. Your used tools will actually be exchanged for cash on the spot. Locations in North Carolina and New York are available. Contact PayMore today to sell power tools for cash.

2. Cash In A Flash

A company called Cash In A Flash will buy your tools for cash in NJ. Your items will be paid for immediately. Among the items that can be bought for cash are:

  • Drills
  • Generators
  • Chop Saws
  • Cutt Off Saws
  • Nail Guns
  • Makita
  • Stihl
  • DeWalt

More than just tools can be bought with Cash In A Flash. Items such as jewelry, electronics, and clothing can also be sold. Selling your tools to Cash In A Flash is the best place to sell tools for cash in NJ if you aren’t sure where to sell them.

3. Rocky’s Spawn Shop

Rocky’s Pawn Shop allows you to sell your tools online for cash. Among the brands they will purchase are Rigid, Makita, Dewalt, Bosch, and more. In addition to air tools, you can sell grinders, jackhammers, compressors, buffers, and more. In addition to air tools, you can sell mechanical and hand tools for cash. Depending on the condition of your used tools, you will receive different amounts of money for them.  

4. Swap For Cash

Where can I sell my power tools near me? A pawn shop located in New Jersey is Swap For Cash. The business is family-owned and operated. Power tools can be traded in for cash. There are many tools you can sell such as power saws, drills, generators, hand tools, etc.

5. Empire Loan

Empire Loan offers very competitive rates on power tools. Sell your old, used tools to us for cash. You can sell your drills, circular saws, compressors, and more to Empire Loan. Among the brands we accept are Porter-Cable, DeWalt, Makita, and more. They will also pay for your tools if you loan them to them. Thus, you are not obligated to sell them.  

6. PawnZone

PawnZone can help you get some quick cash by buying your stuff. The site provides you with an option to sell power tools, electronics, musical instruments, antiques, collectibles, designer bags, and more. Their first step will be to appraise the tools and items you want to sell. Thereafter, they can determine the cash value of your tools.

7. Lambert Pawn

Sell my tools for cash near me. Yes, Lambert Pawnshop can provide you with fast cash for your tools. The more popular the brand of the power tool is, the more you’ll get. If you’re in California and are interested in selling your tools for cash, then consider going to Lambert Pawn.

8. Cash N Go Pawn

With Cash N Go Pawn, you can quickly sell your tools for cash. Tools such as wrench sets, air tools, power tools, drills, compressors, saws, generators, and more can be sold online. We have an easy process for purchasing tools. Submit your equipment for an evaluation today so we can pay you.

9. Meriden Pawn

One of the most reliable places to sell power tools in Connecticut is Meriden Pawn, where you can get more money for your tools. A company like this will only accept tools from top brands, such as Porter-Cable, Craftsman, Ryobi, etc. Sell your tools to Meriden Pawn for cash.

10. Vintage Cash Cow

With Vintage Cash Cow, you can sell your tools for cash in the UK. Your vintage tools, instruments, and equipment will be purchased by the company. We value your items. We will give you cash for your tools if you send them to Vintage Cash Cow.

11. First Cash

Sell your unused tools to First Cash and make fast cash. You will definitely sell tools of value if you have them. There are a variety of items you can sell, including tools, jewelry, video games, electronics, computers, and sporting goods. Sell your old tools to First Cash now.

12. Fast Cash Pawn

Located in Charles Town and Inwood, WV, Fast Cash Pawn is a locally owned and operated pawn shop. Located in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia, we provide a friendly and safe environment where almost anything of value can be bought, sold, or pawned.

13. PawnPlus

PawnPlus has multiple locations in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Used tools can be sold to them for cash up front. You can sell almost anything to PawnPlus. The items you can sell include phones, tools, electronics, appliances, jewelry, and more.

14. Kendale Pawn Shop

Kendale will buy most things from you that are worth something. Items can be pawned or bought. Compared to your competition, you can get more cash. Kendale is a great place to sell your hand tools, drills, circular saws, and more. Kendale Pawn Shop accepts just about any tool that you have.

15. EZ Cash Buy Sell Trade

The company was founded in 2013 and is still operating today. The company is not a pawn shop. It does business by buying, selling, and trading. I would say that’s pretty much what EZ Cash Buy Sell Trade does. Their inventory includes tools, firearms, coins, DVDs, jewelry, gift cards, and more.

16. Fort Knox Jewelry & Loan

You can also turn your tools into cash by using Fort Knox Jewelry & Loan. The store will pay you cash immediately for the items you bring in. Aside from televisions, tools, games, computers, cameras, and computers, you can also sell televisions.

17. Dash 2 Cash

Pawn shop Dash 2 Cash serves Columbus, Ohio. Compared to other local pawn shops, they guarantee you’ll get more money for your items. With Dash 2 Cash, you can buy and sell tools. Gift cards and electronics can also be sold along with tools. Consider Dash 2 Cash if you want to sell your tools for cash.

18. Cash Exchange Pawnshop

Are you no longer in need of it or are you searching for sell my used tools near me? It’s possible to sell your old tools for money if that’s the case. old tools. Cash Exchange Pawnshop buys tools fast for cash. Their Michigan locations are open to the public.

19. Quick Cash Trading Post

Quick Cash Trading Post in Levittown, Pennsylvania, accepts used tools and equipment. As well as gold, musical instruments, and jewelry, they also buy used tools and equipment. Your items will be paid immediately. Stop by to see us today.

20. The Pawn Outlet

Are you trying to find companies that buy tools? A pawnshop like The Pawn Outlet will buy any used tools that you have. Different brands of tools are available. The Pawn Outlet offers a wide range of heavy-duty tools and equipment for sale. Selling tools is simple and straightforward at The Pawn Outlet. It only takes bringing your tools to them for them to give you cash for them. The Paw Outlet is the place to sell your tools if you’re in need of a place to sell them.  

21. King’s Pawn

You can get instant cash from King’s Pawn when you sell your used items and tools. Bring your tools to their store and they will evaluate them for you and make you an offer. Cash can be given on the same day. King’s Pawn focuses on tools from reputable brands. Tools for construction, hand tools, power tools, and heavy equipment can be sold. In addition to tools, King’s Pawn also purchases electronics, bicycles, musical instruments, and more. If you need extra money, you must do your utmost to obtain it. Therefore, you should make use of the tools in your house that are collecting dust. They are still worth something, even if they’re not in the best condition. So, sell your tools today to King’s Pawn and get cash fast.

22. Craigslist

You can sell your wanted tools online on Craigslist, one of the best places. All you have to do is post a free listing. You’ll be contacted by people who are interested soon enough. You can certainly sell your tools fast on Craigslist if you want. The site allows you to sell pretty much anything. Craigslist is used by millions of people each year. Use Craigslist to sell your used power tools today.

Sell Tools For Cash Near Me

Pawning anything of value can help you get quick cash. Most pawnshops want valuable items. Most likely, there is something valuable in your house that you could sell for fast cash. You can sell old electronics that you are no longer using. You can sell your TV, iPad, iPhone, smartwatch, speakers, musical instruments, and other equipment. Tools and jewelry can also be pawned. When it comes to pawning items for cash, the possibilities are endless. People pawn a wide variety of items at pawn shops every day. Pawning something of value in your possession can provide you with quick cash. Regardless of whether the item is perfect or not, you can still get money for it. Check out a pawn shop near you.

Do You Know Where The Best Place Is To Sell Used Tools?

Craigslist is a good place to sell your used tools. A wide variety of items can be sold on Craigslist. It will be no problem to sell your tools there. If you have tools to sell, you can also pawn them for cash in pawn shops. This is also a good industry or Sell Stamps For Cash Near Me.

Which Tools Are Best To Pawn?

A drill set and a power tool are some of the best tools for pawning. Power tools are often worth more than drill sets. Therefore, if you own these tools, you can sell them.

What Is The Best Price You Can Sell Tools For?

Depending on the condition of your tools, you can sell them for a certain amount of money. Your tools are usually worth between $25 and $150. It all depends on what you have. You can find more valuable tools at an auction.


The majority of people have unnecessary or unused tools. It is a good idea to get rid of those tools if you are short on cash. The pawnshops listed in this article are a good place to sell your tools.


What tools do pawn shops pay the most for?

For working power tools, pawnshops may pay $30-$200. It is likely that top brands like Bosch, DeWalt and Stihl will sell for more. Many established brands are taken by pet shops. If you can show that lesser-known brands work, they may accept them, but you may have a harder time selling them.

What kind of tools do pawn shops want?

There are some highly regarded brands, such as Milwaukee, DeWalt, Bosch, and Marita, while there are some least regarded brands, such as Ryobi, Rigid, Stanley, Dremel, and Craftsman. The most commonly pawned tools are power saws, drills, routers, sanders, air compressors, nail guns, and many others.

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