what is 5 2 in inches

Top Answer: What is 5 2 in inches

  • If you convert 5 2 inches, You will get 62 inches when you convert 5 ft 2 to inches.
  • In centimetres, 5’2″ is about 162 cm.

5 Feet 2 Inches in CM

5.2 Inches to CM

In inches, what is the 5th foot?
5 ‘ 2″ equals approximately 62 inches.

How many centimetres is for a 5’2″ person?
A 5’2 person stands around 160 centimetres tall.

How taller do you stand if you are 5 2 inches tall?
To turn off Bluetooth as well as WiFi in your iPhone Go to Settings and then turn those switches that control Bluetooth as well as WiFi off.

What is my height in inches?
Your height is 66 inches.

Are 5.2 too short for an average girl?
There isn’t a definitive response to this query. It all depends on the girl’s parents as well as the names they decide to choose for their daughter.

What is the length of 5 inches? 3 feet?
The length of a foot is 12 inches. inside one foot, which means that 3 feet are 16.5 inches.

How can I make myself taller?
There isn’t a universal answer to this question, since the best method for getting taller is based on your personal body kind and genetics. Some basic guidelines to get taller include eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly and getting enough rest. If you’re looking for specific exercises to help get taller, ask your personal trainer or do some online research.

The height of 155 inches?
The 155cm measurement is equivalent to 5’1”.

What is the highest point of Zendaya?
Zendaya’s height is 5’10”.

What are 5 feet in inches?
5 feet is equivalent to 1.524 meters.

What is your height if you’re 58 inches tall?
I am 5’2”.

Is the maximum height of 5 4 inches?
In inches 5’4” equals 64”.

At what age do girls stop getting bigger?
Girls generally stop developing between fourteen and sixteen.

How tall are the majority of Korean girls?
There is no clear answer to this query as it differs from person to person. However, on average, Korean girls are thought to measure 5’3”- 5’5 inches tall.

What is too long for the average girl?
There’s no clear answer to this question because it differs between people. Certain girls might feel that any skirts shorter than knee length or dresses aren’t long enough and others might feel at ease in miniskirts or miniskirts. In the end, it’s up to the individual to decide what she considers to be too short.

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