What do Zebras Eat

What Do Zebras Eat


What do zebras eat? If you’ve ever wanted to be aware of the eating habits of zebras, you’re definitely in the right place. Zebras are herbivores. This means they don’t intend to consume insects, meat or animals. Through this post, you’ll be educated about the food that zebras consume.

What Do Zebras Eat?

Type of ZebraBinomial NameDiet
Mountain ZebraEquus zebraWide variety of grasses, leaves, and bush plants.
Grevy’s ZebraEquus grevyiGrasses and leaves.
Plains ZebraEquus quaggaGrasses, leaves, and small young trees.

Zebras are part of the Genus Equus which is similar to the donkeys and horses. The thing that makes zebras distinct can be seen in the fur coats they wear, embellished with a variety of stripes. Three kinds of zebras have been identified.

The following are the details and their habitats. What do zebras eat according to their names, mountain zebras tend to be located in mountains, particularly on slopes. The areas they live in have an elevation of 2000 meters over sea level.

What Do Mountain Zebras Eat?

Mountain zebras are fewer dimensions compared to other species of zebra.

  1. Two subspecies of mountain zebra have been identified including two species: the Cape mountain zebra as well as the Hartmann’s mountain zebra.
  2. Similar to other equids, mountain zebras are roughage eaters which means they eat an array of grasses that are found in their natural habitats.
  3. In other circumstances in other scenarios, mountain zebras may be forced to become browsers.

What Do Grevy’s Zebras Eat

The Grevy’s zebra has widely distributed across northern Kenya as well as some regions in southern Ethiopia.

  1. Zebra species typically live in semi-arid grasslands. They are also found in savannahs of acacia.
  2. The best environment for this species of zebra is one that has a possibility of a continuous water source.
  3. Grevy’s zebra is primarily one of the grazers, but it shows browsing behaviour in a few instances.

What Do Plains Zebras Eat

Of all the varieties of Zebras, the plains zebra is the most popular. It is bigger when it is compared to the mountain zebra however lower than the Grevy’s zebra.

  1. The subspecies of plains zebra are the Burchell’s zebras well as Chapman’s Zebra, Maneless zebra, Grant’s Zebra Crawshay’s Zebra, as well as the Quagga that is currently extinct.
  2. Plain zebras are found in herds that contain a male who is also known as the stallion. There are also females, as well as their offspring.
  3. The species is able to grow between the 440-990 lbs mark, and its height can range between 3.5 and 5 feet.
  4. The plains zebra consumes an array of leaves, grasses, and even small trees.

Based on their names the plains zebra is typically found in both the southern and eastern African regions, where they reside in plains savannahs without woodlands or trees.

It is interesting to note that the species isn’t found in the deserts, rainforests, and wetlands.

The populations of this species are currently considered to be in danger and this is the reason they have been extinct in countries such as Lesotho as well as Burundi.

How do zebras locate food?

Alongside eating grasses, zebras often browse the stems and leaves of the shrubs too. Zebra herds move seeking water and food sources in the midst of the dying grasses in the dry seasons.

What do giraffes and zebras consume?

Zebras are mostly herbivores, feeding mainly on grass. Giraffes are mostly leaf eaters due to their necks which are long and permit them to eat leaves other animals are unable to reach.

How many stomachs does a zebra possess?

Fermentation breaks down fibrous food in the digestive tract of zebra that lacks the stomach’s four-chambered.

How Often Do Zebras Eat?

Zebras can consume about 18 hours a day of eating.

  1. Zebras typically spend the majority of their time eating and providing themselves with energy due to their huge size.
  2. Their teeth are strong and allow them to slice through grass blades easily.

When Do Zebras Eat?

Zebras typically display diurnal activity. This means they’re often feeding throughout the daytime. Other species, such as the Burchell’s Zebra exhibit both nocturnal and diurnal activity, however, they rely more on active feeding during the day.

What Animals Do Zebras Eat

The zebras do not eat animals due to the fact that they do not eat meat, and they eat an omnivorous diet of fruit, plants and other vegetables.

Are Zebras Ruminants? 

In contrast to other animals that graze Zebras are not thought to ruminate. This is the reason why they take fewer nutrients from the food they consume. Because of this, they are forced to eat all day. The search for food is the main reason behind their movement. In general, wildebeests and zebras move together. They’re often seen eating together. A fascinating aspect of the way that zebras graze is that some are inclined to eat while others gaze at the surrounding area to protect themselves from predators.

Because of overgrazing and a preference for livestock Zebras are being pushed out of their habitat. Food sources for them are declining. They’re at risk of becoming extinct. Let’s contribute to helping them to survive.

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