What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Computer in Bed?


What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Computer in Bed

One of the key reasons why laptops are replacing traditional desktop computers is portability. Users can carry and use laptops whenever and wherever they want. It has a built-in keyboard, mouse, speakers, and touchpad.

This transportable PC can run an equivalent set of software as that of a PC. Whether watching a movie, preparing a presentation or performing professional work, laptops offer full comfort. This post will teach you whether using computer in bed is good or bad.

Advantages of Using a Laptop in Bed

While working on a computer, most people slip into the habit of using their devices on beds. It appears to give more convenience and comfort as one can make any posture conveniently. Having a laptop in bed helps in working late into the night without disturbing others.

There is not much effect on the health of your digital device when put in bed for short intervals. You can replace a music player, clock, and calendar in the bedroom as you can access them on your device.

Put Laptop in Sleep Mode

In case you need some breaks while working on your laptop, don’t forget to put it in sleep mode. This is the power-saving mode that stores all open files and other data in the RAM. By putting the system in this mode, you can quickly restore the progress instantly.

When you wake the computer, everything gets recalled. Alternatively, when you shut down your system and wonder what to do if I forgot my screen time passcode, you can reset and recover it.

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Cons of Using Computer in Bed

Although using a computer on the bed provides great comfort, it can severely damage your computer peripherals. Leaving your device on fabrics or even carpets can trap the heat inside the computer by blocking proper ventilation.  

Overheating can cause damage to other internal components such as video cards, CPU, battery, and hard drive. It can also lead to other problems and affect your computer’s performance and life.

Fire Hazards Threats

As discussed, using computer in bed for a prolonged time can cause overheating issues. It increases the threat of fire hazards. Bed blocks the cooling fans, and a shock circuit due to overheating can cause a fire.  

While working on the laptop, especially at night, there is a possibility of falling asleep. So, you might not be aware of overheating unless it turns worse. A small fire can cause irreparable damage to the device, bed, and beloved possessions.

Poor Postures

You might not be able to keep your neck at comfortable angles while using a laptop on the bed. It often results in cervical problems. Bad posture may end up looking at the screen at a close distance which may cause eye strain.

Such problems would not seem big for short use. Long-term use can lead to strained or tensed muscles as you bend forward and round the shoulders. Many cases have been reported where people suffer from muscular disorders due to poor posture.

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Reduced Productivity

Watching a movie or working on a laptop from bed can affect your productivity and cause difficulty sleeping. So, you might feel lethargic and not be able to get quality sleep. This will eventually affect your mental health and doesn’t allow you to focus on work.

You might feel that you’re working but not actively. Lack of sleep and rest will make you feel exhausted. This may result in anxiety, insomnia, and frustration. Poor mental health is one of the major causes of decreased job productivity.   

Be Smart While Using Laptop on Bed 

While using your laptop in bed, be conscious of your system temperature. Don’t put your system directly on the bed surface. If you need to work for long hours, use a foldable laptop stand or desk. Make sure it doesn’t consume much space.

If you can’t afford to purchase a stand, raise your system using a stack of books. To minimize overheating and related noise, invest in a cooling pad that can be powered easily. Clean the cooling fans to remove the layers of dust and ensure effective airflow.

The Conclusion

A laptop is the most useful piece of technology in daily life. And most of us today prefer using it while sitting on the couch or bed, even if we have a desk setup. The reason is that it offers immense comfort to work from.

As you read above, using a computer on the bed is good as well as bad. So, you must consider both sides. Just stay aware of things you can do to ensure effective use. Choose the right posture, anti-eye strain glasses, stand, and cushions to prevent fatigue during work.