Ufone Loan Code 2021 Emergency Advance

Ufone loan code


Ufone loan code If you are running low on balance with your Ufone then there’s no need to fret since you can take advantage of Ufone Advance Balance which is also known as UAdvance Previously, it was the name was ULoan service for when you’re out of cash.

Ufone advance code provides you with an advance of Rs.20. Just Dial Dial *456# to receive 20 Rs Ufone balance at any time! Rs. 20 is offered to all Ufone customers with balances that fall below Rs. 11.95.

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ufone loan code

Ufone Loan Code Advance Prepaid


  • Dial Ufone advanced balance code *456# to get the balance
  • Following this, soon you will be able to access the advance amount of Rs. 20 on your account.
  • Rs. 4.40 are the cost for Ufone’s advance balance loan service.
  • Rs. 24.4 will be deducted as a fee uloan from the next recharge.
  • Your balance should be lower than Rs. 11.95 to be eligible for advance, 
  • Additionally, this service is only available for prepaid customers.
  • You only get the advance once Rs.20 only still next recharge and deduct your advance amount.
  • To check your loan balance dial *124# after getting your advance


Ufone advance code for Prepaid

  1. Call *456# from your number on your prepaid SIM.
  2. Rs. 4.40 plus tax, will be taken together with the advance amount when you recharge your next time.


UAdvance for Postpaid

Postpaid customers also have the possibility of using Ufone Advance Balance service. The details are below:

  1. Dial *229#
  2. Rs. 5 plus taxes (Rs. 5 and tax is charged )


How to get Ufone loan Code using My Ufone App


It is recommended to obtain an advance by dialing the code mentioned above. Additionally, if you have your My Ufone app, you could get an advance using it. Just follow the procedure.


  • Log in and install the Ufone App to your phone
  • Below, in the menu click on Paybill/Recharge.
  • In this menu, click on”out of credit to open the Out of Credit option.
  • Click to getting UAdvance.


Final conclusion

In short, whenever you are getting off-balance just simply use the code mention in this article whether you are a prepaid or postpaid customer you will get a loan that is enough for your emergency call or SMS. Furthermore, Share your experience in the comments section below.



What is Ufone advance code?

Simply dial *456# and you will get Rs.20 loan.


Are there any charges to pay off your Ufone loan?

Yes. Ufone will deduct Rs. 24.4  as a fee uloan from the next recharge.

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