Ufone Balance Check code 2021 online check App

ufone balance check


Ufone Balance Check code is used to look over your prepaid account credit. Indeed, when you recharge your account the first thing you do is to explore Ufone sim balance check code.


Code: *124#

Chagres: Rs. 0.12 + tax


It should be noted, if you want a Ufone Balance Check code for Super Card Balance then go with Ufone super card balance check code.


Code: *706#

Chagres: Rs. 0.12 + tax


ufone balance check


Ufone Balance Check code via SMS or online

For the purpose of how to check Ufone balance, there are some charges every time you use above mention code. But on the upside, you don’t need to call the helpline to inquire about your phone balance or credit. 

You just need a simple dial from your call log and in a few seconds, you will receive an instant message regarding your balance. That is how things make easier nowadays with the help of technology.

Ufone sim balance checking code sometimes makes you feel annoyed due to charges Rs. 0.12 + tax every time you want to check. By the same token, there is a solution where you can check your phone credit free using.

Ufone balance checking my Ufone app

Ufone online balance checking is available by using the My Ufone app which you can download from the google play store for android users and IOS users from the play store.


Moreover, is this app there is lots of option regarding the call, SMS, internet packages, balance check, balance recharge. tax certificate and more.


Furthermore, you just need to register your Ufone number and set a password.




Besides, in the 2nd step, you will application interface open and there is lots of option but you account balance mention on top of left corner with an expiry date.



Final conclusion


In short, you don’t need to call the helpline for credit to inquire just a simple dial code or check from your Ufone app. Furthermore, you can share your experience in the comments section below.


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Are there any charges on checking the Ufone balance?

Yes, Rs. 0.12 + tax applies each time.


Is there any free method to check the Ufone account credit? 

Yes, Just simply download my Ufone app and you can know your balance and lots of information free.




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