Why tinder won’t let me delete my account

Top Answer: Why tinder wont let me delete my account

  • User accounts on Tinder are not deleted even if the user requests them. According to the company, this is because it wants to maintain its user base and track user activity.

How To Delete Tinder Account

Tinder Shadowban? 6 Steps to Get Unbanned From Tinder

How do I delete my Tinder account?
If you’ve got an existing Tinder account You can remove it using these steps. Log in to your account via the Tinder website or application. Choose the icon in the upper left corner of the screen. Click ‘Settings’. Click ‘Delete Account and then select ‘Delete My Account.

Is it possible to ask Tinder to delete my account?
Yes, you are able to delete the account you have on Tinder. Just go to the settings of the app and click “Delete Account”.

How long will it take to get your Tinder accounts to get removed?
It may take several days to allow the Tinder account to become removed and you are able to delete it as soon as you want. You can also remove your Tinder account from the Tinder app settings in your smartphone.

What is the process for deleting my Tinder 2022 account?
To remove your account, visit”Settings” select the “Settings” tab, and select “Delete Account”.

When you can’t access your Tinder account, how do you delete it?
To remove a Tinder account that you aren’t able to access, call customer service and send an email address.

Can Tinder shadow be a ban for you?
No. Tinder isn’t able to block you from shadows. Shadow banning is a method used by social media platforms to block certain content without actually eliminating it. The method is to make the content unreadable to anyone except for the person who uploaded the content. Tinder does not have the ability to accomplish this since they’re not a social network site.

How do I get rid of my personal information from Tinder?
To delete your account from Tinder To remove your account from Tinder, open the app and click “Settings” then “Delete Account”.

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