T20 World Cup 2021 Time Table


T20 world cup 2021 Schedule starts from 17 October 2021 to 14 November 2021 in UAE as well as Oman. But the main matches are expected to begin on the 23rd of October.

ICC schedule for the t20 world cup in 2021 will be played between 12 players. There are eight teams that have already have been qualified (India, Pakistan, West Indies, England, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa as well as Afghanistan).

Sri Lanka, Ireland, Ireland, Sri Lanka, Netherlands, Namibia, Bangladesh, Scotland, Papua New Guinea, Oman) are participating to be qualified. Four teams will be added to the already qualified teams, eight teams will participate in Super 12.

T20 World Cup 2021

ICC t20 world cup 2021 schedule

In the first round, eight teams will be divided into two groups: A and B. The A group includes Sri Lanka, Ireland, the Netherlands, Namibia, and Group B includes Bangladesh, Scotland, Papua New Guinea, and Oman. In each group.

Indian Time zone.


The top two teams will be chosen out of each category. Four teams who qualify will later join the certified eight players (India, West Indies, England, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan as well as Afghanistan) to compete in Super 12.

Match NoDateTeamsRoundsGroup
12021-10-23Australia vs South AfricaSuper 12Group 1
22021-10-23England vs West IndiesSuper 12Group 1
32021-10-24 Bangladesh vs Sri LankaSuper 12Group 1
42021-10-24 India vs PakistanSuper 12Group 2
52021-10-25 Afghanistan vs ScotlandSuper 12Group 2
62021-10-26 South Africa vs West IndiesSuper 12Group 1
72021-10-26 Pakistan vs New ZealandSuper 12Group 2
82021-10-27 England vs BangladeshSuper 12Group 1
92021-10-27 Scotland vs NamibiaSuper 12Group 2
102021-10-28 Australia vs Sri LankaSuper 12Group 1
112021-10-29 West Indies vs BangladeshSuper 12Group 1
122021-10-29 Afghanistan vs PakistanSuper 12Group 2
132021-10-30 South Africa vs Sri LankaSuper 12Group 1
142021-10-30 England vs AustraliaSuper 12Group 1
152021-10-31 Afghanistan vs NamibiaSuper 12Group 2
162021-10-31 India vs New ZealandSuper 12Group 2
172021-11-01 England vs Sri LankaSuper 12Group 1
182021-11-02 South Africa vs BangladeshSuper 12Group 1
192021-11-02 Pakistan vs NamibiaSuper 12Group 2
212021-11-03 New Zealand vs ScotlandSuper 12Group 2
222021-11-03 India vs AfghanistanSuper 12Group 2
232021-11-04 Australia vs BangladeshSuper 12Group 1
242021-11-04 West Indies vs Sri LankaSuper 12Group 1
252021-11-05 New Zealand vs Sri LankaSuper 12Group 2
262021-11-05 India vs ScotlandSuper 12Group 2
272021-11-06 Australia vs West IndiesSuper 12Group 1
282021-11-06 England vs South AfricaSuper 12Group 1
292021-11-07New Zealand vs AfghanistanSuper 12Group 2
302021-11-07 Pakistan vs ScotlandSuper 12Group 2
312021-11-08 India vs NamibiaSuper 12Group 2

Semi-finals are scheduled for between the 11th and 10th of November. T20 World Cup 2021 schedule Final is expected to be played on November 14th.


2021 T20 world cup


After having read the T20 World Cup 2021 Schedule an atmosphere of enthusiasm was evident among the spectators. It is evident that the T20 World Cup Schedule 2021 was anticipated by the fans for quite a while.


Let us inform us that T20 World Cup 2021 will be held by the ICC beginning on 17 October 2021. The ICC has announced that the final match will be played in the UAE on the 14th of November in 2021. It is anticipated that this year’s T20 event will not need to be canceled.

T20 World Cup 2021 All Teams


You will now be able to quickly look up the names of your preferred team from the  All Teams list. 


  • India
  • Pakistan
  • West Indies
  • England
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa
  • Afghanistan
  • Sri Lanka
  • Ireland
  • Netherlands
  • Namibia
  • Bangladesh
  • Scotland
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Oman


T20 world cup 2021 schedule Pakistan

Pakistan will play 5 group matches to qualify for the semi-final. The very first match most awaiting the two revivals India Vs Pakistan.

However, you can check below mention complete schedule of matches for team Pakistan.

Match Date Time Venue Round
Pakistan vs India October 24, 2021 7: 30 PM IST Dubai Super 12
Pakistan vs New Zealand October 26, 2021 7: 30 PM IST Sharjah Super 12
Pakistan vs Afghanistan October 29, 2021 7: 30 PM IST Dubai Super 12
Pakistan vs A2 November 2, 2021 7: 30 PM IST Abu Dhabi Super 12
Pakistan vs B1 November 7, 2021 7: 30 PM IST Sharjah Super 12


Who will host the matches at this moment? 

The BCCI are the hosts, but the games are scheduled to be held in Oman, the UAE as well as Oman.


How many teams are in the event?



What’s with the point system? And what happens when teams tie during a round?

In each round, teams get two points for winning; one point for a tie, with no results or abandonment, and zero points for losing.

When two teams are at the same point within groups, then the following factors will be considered in the order listed below for breaking the deadlock


  1. Net run rate
  2. Number of wins
  3. Head to head result (points first, and then net run rate during the game)
  4. Original first-round seedings for Super 12.

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