Swiffer Wetjet Batteries

swiffer wetjet batteries


Are you experiencing problems with the swiffer wetjet batteries no longer functioning? Most likely, it is due to the fact that you have to replace the batteries inside it. To replace the batteries in the Swiffer Wet Jet batteries, you’ll need to understand what you need to do. There are steps to follow to help achieve precisely what you need to do.

One of the most useful functions is that it allows you to push the handle of the Wet Jet and spray cleaning solution on the floor using a variety of nozzles that are located at the bottom of the Wetjet close to the cleaning pad. Spraying liquid requires pumps. The pump also requires batteries.

What kind of batteries do you require?

First, let’s look at the question of which types of swiffer wetjet batteries are required. The Wetjet makes use of four AAA batteries. You can choose to use disposable ones or rechargeable AAs for a greener cleaning experience. I prefer to use Duracell as well as Energizer batteries because I’ve found them to work better than the cheaper ones for motorized devices like the Wetjet. I also love the batteries offered by Amazon Basics, which work well and are affordable.

If you purchased a Wet Jet kit and you have it, your Wetjet should come with 4 AAA batteries to help you get started. Make sure you have them, or have your batteries for replacement ready.

How to change batteries in swiffer wet jet

Set the cleaning pad of the Wetjet on the ground. Then look up at the upper part on the machine. You will see a piece of plastic at its top. It is a semi-circular shape that is adorned with two lines as well as an arch.

Make sure to press downwards on the lines and then move the piece up toward the upper part of the handle. The battery compartment will split off from the handle. Flip it around and you’ll find an area with room for four batteries, two each on either side.

Place your AA batteries in the holder. Be sure that the flat portion that the battery is (the opposite side) is put into the spring on every one side. Also on each part of the container should contain two AAA batteries.

Where do the batteries go in a swiffer wet jet

Then turn the battery compartment over to make sure it is aligned against the hand of the Wetjet and then put it back in place making sure that it’s semi-circular on top. aligns with the semi-circular part of the handle.

Once it’s completely in, the battery compartment will click into place. You’re done! Your batteries have changedand you’re now ready to go!

It can be a hassle to figure out how to replace the batteries of the Wetjet for at first. It’s hard to tell exactly where the battery compartment is and it’s very easy to forget once you’ve been using the device for some time. However, once you’ve reminded yourself of the procedure it’s not that difficult and will take only just a few minutes.

I’ve found that the batteries of my Wetjet last about 10 cleaning sessions. So it’s not necessary to repeat it often either. Test it out and then enjoy cleaning the newly refreshed Westjet!

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