Stella Liebeck Death: What is Reality?

Stella Liebeck Death


Have you heard about the McDonald’s coffee case? Do you know about the death of a lady; who was driving her car? Stella Liebeck is the lady who was injured seriously while opening the lid of a coffee cup on the driving seat. Do you want to know about the Stella Liebeck death case and the facts about her death? 

In this article, you will read the facts of Stella’s case and the court citation about this Case. There are no unfair cases in the American justice system. But, in some cases, serious injuries and other issues are involved. You must know the facts about this lawsuit to make an opinion.

Stella Liebeck is an American woman who suffered from a serious injury. Then her lawsuit was filed in 1994. She was injured seriously and then died due to this injury. People said that her case did not receive justice. But, the facts are different from the opinion of the people.

Let us discuss the facts and reality of this Case to make better decisions about her according to the American justice system.

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What was the reason for Stella Liebeck Death?

What was the reason for Stella Liebeck Death

Stella Liebeck was born on 14 December 1912 in England and died on 5 august 2004 at the age of 91 due to a serious injury. She became famous at the age of 91 due to a coffee injury case that she ordered from MacDonald’s. Stella’s injury case made her famous all over the world.

She was driving with her grandson and on the way, she ordered a coffee cup from MacDonald’s. While opening the lid of the coffee cup, she spilled the coffee over her lap. Due to this serious case, the jury awarded Stella with 3 million dollars. People have many answers about this case and want to know the reality of this case. 

The jury has different facts about Stella’s lawsuit. The real facts may be differently related to this case. You would have to know the actual reality of this case to clear all the misunderstandings of her lawsuit that awarded her 3 million dollars.

When she ordered a coffee cup, she was not driving, and the car was stopped. She opened the lid of the coffee cup while sitting on the car seat. She held the cup between her knees and opened it to drink. But, mistakenly, she spilled it over her lap and got injured.

What are Real Facts?

In 2004, the American jury system received a case about Macdonald’s hot coffee that injured an aged lady Stella Liebeck.

This case was filed because she received it seriously, and this was not an isolated case in the American jury system. Macdonald had already more than 700 cases of those who were injured by this coffee.

Some of these cases have settled as third-party, and some had serious injuries. A jury realized in his trial course that this case was against the safety of people while the other said that it is against the company. The court decided to recall this case by the jurors who heard when it was filed.

The reason was that Stella did not fill this Case alone but there were also 700 such cases against Macdonald. This case was filed in 1992. This coffee injured unlimited people, and some of them settled the Cases after taking the amount from the company.

Stella demanded about 20000 dollars to settle this case but MacDonald had offered 800 dollars for the past Cases’ settlements. At this demand, MacDonald awarded her two-day coffee sale to due serious suffering. But this case has not ended.

The facts about the case that the jury on trial found are there:

  • The coffee was too hot and had more than 180 Fahrenheit temperature. This temperature is too high for a coffee cup; as compared to other restaurants.
  • The coffee spilled at this higher temperature causes the third-party injury in three to seven seconds. It is not normal.
  • Macdonald admitted that this type of third-party injury case was filed more than 10 years ago. Now, this case is again repeated by other claims that are actually against the company.
  • The company serves billions of such coffee cups every year, but such burn cases are rare.
  • The cup was tested by the company manager, and he noticed the temperature was too high. it could burn the mouth if someone drank it.
  • The company accused the buyer was aware of the temperature of the coffee and mistakenly pouring it on them while opening the lid.
  • The company also admitted that it did not make their customer aware of the risk of such mishaps. Due to this reason, the customers were burnt.
  • If we go through the Cases, from 1982 to 1992 more than 700 people received serious injuries from this coffee and the company settled these serious Cases by paying them.

The case was settled and Stella received an award that is known as Stella’s Award due to these facts.

She was not driving at all, and the temperature of the coffee was much higher than the normal coffee temperature.


Stella Liebeck, an aged lady, bought a coffee cup from Mcdonald’s that caused her death. The lawsuit was about the temperature of coffee being too hot and more than 180 degrees Fahrenheit. She spilled coffee while opening its lid and received serious injuries.

The company had more than 700 hundred such cases before that lawsuit, but it settled some Cases. Stella demanded a higher demand to settle this case and this amount was too high for the company. Stella Liebeck filed her lawsuit in court, and then a jury on trial noticed the facts about the lawsuit. The court noticed these facts and awarded Stella 3 million dollars due to the injuries she suffered for two years.


What happened to Stella Liebeck?

Stella Liebeck ordered a coffee cup from Mcdonald’s and got injured while opening the lid; of the cup. The coffee was too hot and burnt her seriously due to the higher temperature.

Had Macdonald such cases before Stella?

Mcdonald had more than 700 such injury cases; from 1982 to 1992. These cases involved serious injuries and third-party burn cases. The company dissolved some of these cases by paying 800 dollars to the injured people.

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