What is my square enix account iD

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If you’re unable to find you’re SQUARE ENIX ID attempt to log in by using the email address associated with the account. The YORKESSENTIALS login screen will be showing the SQUARE NIX ID at the top of the page.

Can’t change Square Enix ID on PS5 or PS4.

Demonstration of Login Issues – Square Enix Account

How can I locate my Square Enix ID number?
Forgot your SQUARE NIX password or ID? Log in to your SQUARE NIX Account Management system and select “Forgot your ID/Password?” from the drop-down menu below the “Log In” button. Follow the instructions on the screen to recover your Square Enix password and/or ID.

What can I do to change my Square Enix ID number?
After creating an account with SQUARE ENIX, you can’t modify your first/last name, birthday or country/region.

Is Square Enix ID case sensitive?
The case-sensitive ID (or email address field) in the SQUARE ENIX Account Manager system is sensitive to the case. It is possible that the virtual keyboard could automatically capitalize a word after a period during registration.

How can I link my Square Enix account with my ps5
(3) Select “Enter Code” in the lower-left corner of the PlayStation Store’s main menu and enter your game code. Once you have downloaded the game client, you will be asked to log in with your existing SQUARE NIX ID or create a new one. You can combine both IDs by clicking this button.

Is it possible to change the email address on your Square Enix account?
Following these procedures, you can replace your SQUARE ENIX Account’s email address: 1) Go to the Square Enix Account Management System (https://secure.square-enix.com/). You can choose to update your e-mail address. 5) Enter your new email address into the ‘New E-mail Address’ and ’Retype New e-mail Address’ boxes. Then, hit ‘Save.

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