Sell Stamps For Cash Near Me

sell stamps for cash near me


Are you wondering how to sell stamps for cash or Sell Stamps For Cash Near Me? Stamp collections are valued by thousands of people every year. Stamps, especially those that are rare, can be precious. This article will find out which companies will give you cash for your symbols.

Best Websites To Sell Stamps For Cash

West Coast Stamp

West Coast Stamp

Want to sell your stamp collection but don’t know where to go? Stamps are one of the best things you can sell on West Coast Stamp. If you decide to sell your stamps to a collector, you will receive the highest possible price. Stamp dealers can also purchase your stamps. You can get expert help from experts if you choose this route.

Last but not least, you can sell your stamps on consignment, which means you have hired a person who will handle the sale for you. With over 5,000 stamp collectors trusting West Coast Stamp, it has over 30 decades of experience buying and selling unused stamps. If you want to sell your stamps for money, West Coast Stamp is the company to consider.

Sell Unused Stamps

Sell Unused Stamps

A company like Sell Unused Stamps is the best way to sell your stamp collection. It is also possible to sell stamps through them. Selling your postage stamp for cash is very easy with them. The company has purchased more than $6 million of stamps. The company has sold stamps to more than 18,000 people. Sell Unused Stamps is known for its fast turnaround, one of the main reasons to utilize its services. In one day, you could receive cash for your stamps. Who will use a cheque or PayPal to pay for your stamps? You will get money based on the condition of your stamps.

Randy Scholl Company

Randy Scholl Company

Are you looking for stamp collectors to buy your stamps? Randy Scholl Company can provide you with the service you need. Your stamp collection is in good hands with Randy Scholl Company. Randy Scholl Company will buy your collection if it is valuable. The following stamp collections are of interest to Randy Scholl Company:

  • War of the Civilizations
  • Uncommon
  • Covers of World War II
  • Stamps used for revenue
  • Collections of the United States
  • Postage stamps from China
  • Stamps of Asia
  • Stamps from Korea

Unlike rare stamps, standard stamps are not valuable to Randy Scholl Company. You shouldn’t do business with them if you have those stamps.

Mystic Stamp Company


As one of the largest stamp companies in the United States, Mystic Stamp was founded in 1923. You can sell your stamp collection to Mystic Stamp. Mystic Stamp has spent more than 70 million dollars within the last five years. In other words, they have the cash and are looking to purchase more stamp collections. You can sell them without too much trouble if you have old stamps. Start by identifying whether you’re a serious or casual collector. Mystic Stamp can better tailor its services based on your interests. The Mystic Stamp Company is ready to help you sell old postage stamps.



Would you like to know how to get cash for old stamps? If that is the case, Apffelbaum will take care of it as he is one of the best buyers of postage stamps. A stamp appraisal is easy to obtain. The stamps will be valued at fair market value by Apffelbaum. Appelbaum has been dealing with stamps since 1910. This makes them experts in valuing and selling stamps. It would be best if you worked with Apfelbaul, a reputable stamp appraisal company, to get the best price for your stamps.



Are you looking for one of the best places to sell old stamps? Stamps can be sold for cash to Drabel, who buys rare stamps. It will be in your best interest to contact the guys at Drabel if you own a rare stamp collection. Drabel is considered to be among the best occasional stamp buyers. Look them up today.

Return My Stamps

Return My Stamps

Unused postage stamps do you have? Post offices cannot accept them. Fortunately, Return My Stamps buys back your new stamps. You can earn real money for them. Check, PayPal, and Wire Transfer are how Return My Stamps will pay you for your stamps. Over 15,000 customers have received stamp refunds worth over $4 million. Get started with Return My Stamps today and earn cash from your unused stamps.

Dr.Bob Stamps

Dr. Bob Stamps

What is the value of your stamp collection? As far as Stamps are concerned, Dr. Robert Friedman and Sons are some of the biggest buyers in the country. Stamps have been purchased and sold by them for more than 40 years. Regardless of where you are in America, they will travel to you. Payment is given on the spot. Dr. Robert Friedman and Sons buy stamp collections. Take a look.

Cash For Your Stamps


Your stamps serve as a form of currency, didn’t you know? You can use stamps forever. This makes old stamps valuable, even if they are old. They can be sold for cash. Having a collection of rare stamps is a bonus. You should try selling your stamps at Cash For Your Stamps if you don’t know where to sell vintage stamps.



Are you looking for places that sell old postage stamps? You can sell them to Sandafayre. This company specializes in stamps and knows what it is doing. You can sell your stamps for cash if you work with them. Sandafayre is the company to work with if you want to sell rare stamps. You can contact them today to have your stamp collection appraised and purchased.

Warwick & Warwick


In search of stamp collectors and stamp buyers? The collectors will purchase your stamps at Warwick & Warwick. They accept stamps for sale online easily. With a history dating back to 1958, Warwick & Warwick is a reputable and trustworthy company. All over the world, they’ll buy your stamps. There is no doubt that Warwick & Warwick are among the best rare stamp buyers.

PGS Gold & Coin

Would you like to exchange your stamps for cash? PGS Gold & Coin pays good money for stamps. Sell your stamps for cash at PGS Gold & Coin. Their collections include mounted foreign covers, wartime covers, Civil War items, and more. Your stamps will be appraised and purchased by PGS Gold & Coin. PGS Gold & Coin can appraise your stamps, so get them valued.


One of the top auction houses to sell your rare stamps is Sotheby’s. The auction house has sold many rare stamps over the years. They tend to specialize in high-value stamps. According to its website, Sotheby’s New York Store sold the most valuable stamp ever sold in the world. Hence their expertise in valuing rare stamps. Sotheby’s is the best place to sell your rare stamp collection for top dollar.

Deal Stamp & Co

Founded in 1870, Deal Stamp & Co is a company that collects valuable coins and stamps from ancient times. Deal Stamp & Co. makes it easy for you to have old stamps valued. Choosing a company with more than 50 years of experience is a solid move. Your stamps shouldn’t be sold to just any company. For your stamp collection, you should use an established company to give you the best offer. That’s what Deal Stamp & Co does.

Frederick Coin Exchange

We are partnered with the best stamp dealers if you are looking to cash in your stamp collection. You can get an exact price for your stamps from their stamp dealers. Stamps are an excellent way to earn money. The Frederick Coin Exchange will buy your stamps from you once they have been appraised by one of their dealers.

Stamp Buyer Canada

There is no need to look any further if you’re looking for stamp buyers in Canada. We buy used, old, and rare stamps from Stamp Buyer Canada, a Canadian company offering cash for stamps. These stamps might have been inherited, and you have been sitting on them. If that’s the case, they might be worth a lot of money. If you don’t have these stamps appraised by the best stamp buyers and appraisers, you won’t know for sure. We also buy old letters, envelopes, postcards, and more at Stamp Buyer Canada.

Who Buys Old Stamps Near Me

Depending on the condition and type, a stamp typically sells 30% to 70% of its face value in bulk. You can sell unused modern postage stamps to businesses that pay you cash. Sell stamps for cash to understand that the buyer ultimately depends on the outcome.

Where To Sell Old Stamps

In the case of valuable stamps, you shouldn’t just sell them to any company. When selling stamps for the first time, you should only work with trusted companies. Fortunately, many established organizations have been successful for decades. This makes it easy to sell your stamps. Sell unused stamps, West Coast Stamp, and Randy Scholl Company are some companies you could consider selling your stamps to. You can sell your stamps at these places if you think they are valuable.

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If you have stamps that you were given or inherited, or if you’re just a stamp collector, you can sell them for cash. It is possible to get real cash for your stamps from several companies that appraise them for you. If you have some rare stamps, you can make a lot of money. I recommend that you contact the stamp dealers mentioned in this article if you want people who buy stamps.

Where can i buy stamps?

From 2022, CVS sells a booklet of 20 stamps for $10, containing a wide range of postal stamps. They can be found at any CVS store’s cashier’s counter. The company does not sell stamps online.

Where to sell stamp collection near me?

Stamps can be sold this way easily. You could consider selling your stamps to West Coast Stamp and Randy Scholl Company, as well as Sell Unused Stamps. If you think your stamps are valuable, you can sell them at these places.

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