How to Search Instagram location and date of post

Top Answer: Search instagram location and date

  1. Open the Instagram app and tap on the magnifying glass in the bottom-right corner.
  2. Then, type in the date you’re looking for in the “Search Posts” box.
  3. To locate people on Instagram by place, you can choose one of the locations suggested or enter any other location you want to. When you begin typing, Instagram will show you new places that have similar or identical names, along with other popular spots close by.

how to search Instagram posts by date | how to search Instagram photos by date

How to search someone on Instagram by location

Search by date on Instagram?
You can search for dates on Instagram. To do this, simply launch the app and then tap on the magnifying glass located in the upper left corner. Enter the date you’re seeking and click “Search.

How do I find specific posts on Instagram?
To find an individual post on Instagram to find a specific post, simply open your app, then type your name and the initials of the account or person you’re searching for using the search feature located at near the top. If you’re trying to find an Instagram post from a specific date, enter the date, in addition to the username of the individual or account.

What are the images my boyfriend is fond of on Instagram?
There’s no method to find out what photos your boyfriend has liked on Instagram however, you can view the photos that he’s liked recently. To access this feature, simply open Instagram and then tap on the three lines in the upper left-hand right corner. Next, select “Settings” and “Privacy and Security.” Scroll down, and then tap “Liked Posts.

Are you able to look up keywords in Instagram messages?
Yes, you can look up keywords within Instagram messages. In order to do that, simply open the Instagram application and then go to the Messages tab. Click the Search icon located at near the top. enter the keyword you’re searching for and then hit Enter.

Can I look at the old Instagram pictures?
Yes, there’s an option to view the old Instagram photos. To see your older Instagram photos, launch the Instagram app and then tap the Profile icon located on the lower-right edge of your screen. After that, tap the three lines that are located on the top-left edge of your screen. Then, choose Posts From Your Profile. Next, tap to open the Photos tab, and then select an album to browse.

How do I find out who my girlfriend has recently followed on Instagram?
If you’re curious to know whom your friend is following on Instagram recently You can find out through her profile and by checking the list of followers she’s followed recently. If you don’t find the person you’re interested in there’s a chance that they’re not following on Instagram, or perhaps they don’t have a public account.

Are there apps that allow you to track someone’s activities on Instagram?
There are several different apps that allow you to track the activity of a person on Instagram. One of them is “Who Viewed My Profile – Insta Tracker” and the third is known as “InstaFollow”.

What can you do to determine who people interact with greatest on Instagram?
To find out who someone is most active with on Instagram to see who is the most active on Instagram, go to the profile of that person and then click to open the “following” tab. This will provide you with the names of all the people the user follows, and also how many times they have commented and liked their posts.

How do I read the old Instagram DMS without scrolling?
It is impossible to read the old Instagram DMS without scrolling. The messages are only saved for a brief period of time, therefore you’ll need to scroll through them if you’re looking to read messages which were sent prior to today.

How do you view your first post on Instagram with no scrolling?
There’s a way to view the first message you received through Instagram and not scroll. When you tap on the profile image that of the user who wrote you your message bring you to the profile of that person with the post. The message you sent will appear in the top of the page.

Which way do you navigate down to the first post on Instagram?
To scroll down to the first post on Instagram it is possible to swipe to the left, or tap at the “messages” tab at the lower right.

Are you able to recover lost Instagram posts from a while ago?
Yes, you can retrieve lost Instagram posts from long ago. In order to do this, you’ll need to utilize a third-party app or website that’s specialized in recovering deleted files.

Does anyone know when I follow the person on Instagram?
There’s no clear answer because it all depends upon the settings for privacy for the account that is being stalked. If the user’s account has been set as private the person who is being followed is not aware they’re being monitored. If the account is made public, everyone who visits the profile will be able to observe that it’s been targeted.

What do you think of someone’s followers in order of chronological?
If you go to the page for the user’s profile that you wish to view followers of there’s a section on the right which reads “following.” Underneath that are “followers.” If you click on “followers,” it will display the most recent followers first.

What can I do to see my followers chronologically?
To view your followers in chronological order visit your profile, then click “followers.” This will reveal who your fans are in relation to the date that they have followed you.

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