ps4 controller shortage


Have you heard about releasing the next generation of PlayStation controllers? Yes, sony has indeed decided to release the new PlayStation controller; PS5. But, it does not mean that there will be a PS4 controller shortage for gamers. But, the reason is that the demand for the PS5 controller has caused a shortage of PS4.

No doubt PS4 was unable to break the record of highest selling PS2. But, it is still bought by 116 million gamers as compared to PS3 to overtake the demand of PS3 lovers. Gamers have liked its features as compared to PS3 and OG PlayStation.

In this article, you will read the reason for the PS4 shortage and how to overcome this shortage.


Why is there a PS4 Controller Shortage?

We have gone through a post on ResetEra that in some countries like Canada, gamers are finding a serious shortage of PS4 controllers. They say that they are unable to buy PS4 for gaming because Sony is going to release the new version of the PlayStation, PS5. Due to this reason, it has stopped the manufacturing of PS4 and a shortage of this controller is on scene.

PS4 is not available on Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and other retailers. They have kept an eye on all online retailers to find PS4 for gaming. There has been a shortage continually in all retailers since March. 

All gamers are saying that the PS4 shortage has created a serious gap in the market for gamers and they are searching for it. Some of them have claimed that they have found a PS4 pro version in the market that is better in features. People are selling their old PS4s at high prices, which is wrong. One gamer said he bought an old one for 120 dollars and then sold it for 250 dollars to someone else.

The reason for the shortage of PS4 is the production of the PS5 version. But it is a bad thing for old consoles. If PS4 would be available for sale, no one will buy the PS5 version. Due to the shortage of this older PlayStation version, Sony has sold 10 million PS5 controllers to gamers. 

Sony has cut the supply line of PS4 all over the globe and released its new PlayStation controller PS5. Gamers bought it to continue their games and could not buy PS4 because it was out of stock. The company did not pay any attention to the PS4 shortage and remained busy with the production of the new PlayStation. 

The gamers are upset due to this shortage and find it if they get a last piece on any online retailer. But sony has delayed the production yet due to the new release.

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Will PS4 Shortage Continue?

Will PS4 Shortage Continue

Do you want to know when the PS4 shortage will end? Do you think this shortage has become bad now? PS4 was released in 2013 and it became the best seller on all online retailers. The gamers loved it due to the new features.

 They named it The Last of Us, Red Dead Redemption 2, GTA V, and God of War due to its best features. But, Sony said that it will be the last soon, and in 2021, Sony stopped its production and supply to retailers. Gamers could not find it on all online platforms. 

Now the question is when this shortage will end and gamers will buy it online. The answers to this question are very clear. Sony has released its new PS for gamers. They can buy PS5 online with the addition of new features. Maybe it will not be like PS4 and its pro version. But, according to the company, they have added new and advanced features for gamers.

PS4 was slim in size and had better features than PS3 and PS2. The new version may not be slim like the last one, but the components will be changed to work better. They are trying to overcome the shortage of components which is leading to the PS4 shortage in the market.

People were thinking about the price discount on the PS4 after the PS5 release. But they were not expecting the shortage of this PlayStation. Some countries want to overcome the PS4 shortage on the market from the company side by producing the article.

There were some other reasons for the shortage. One is the shortage of components during the pandemic season. The company could not find the components from the manufacturer’s side. It led to a production shortage and then to selling in the market. Sony then decided to release a new version of PS4 for gamers and put it for sale.

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Gamers and consolers are finding the PS4 Controller shortage in all online retailers. They are unable to buy this PlayStation on any online platform to play games. There may be many reasons for the shortage of this controller. Sony has released a new version of PS which is PS5. and has many new features.

It is not slim like PS4. but some new features are available in the chip for buyers. The company has stopped the production of PS4 due to the shortage of chips used in this model. But it introduced a new version for gamers. The price of PS4 did not go on discount after PS5, and it went into shortage.

People are still demanding this PlayStation and hoping for it to be available in retailers soon.


What can I use instead of a PS4 controller?

You can find many other options in place of PS4 and use them for playing games. A PC game controller, an Xbox One controller, or a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller are some best alternatives for this PlayStation for you.

What is the main reason for the PS4 shortage?

The main reason for the Playstation shortage is the release of the PS5 and the chip shortage of the PS4. The company will soon continue its production on gamers’ demand.

Can I use PS5 instead of PS4?

Yes, you can buy and use the PS5 instead of PS4 if it is not available in the market. But, maybe some games do not support this PlayStation.

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