Why does Onlyfans keeps Logging me out?

onlyfans keeps logging me out

Onlyfans is an online social media subscription that lets people get content of different types by paying a monthly subscription. This social media website was created in 2016; for creating private content like YouTube, but it allows only the creation of sexual content.

Are you facing some issues on your onlyfans account and are not getting login? Do you want to know why Onlyfans keeps logging me out?

This article will guide you about your Onlyfans account and why are you facing logging out. There will be many reasons for keeping you logged out of your account. Read this article to know about Onlyfans and how to get a login.

What are Onlyfans used for?

Onlyfans is an online social media platform that has a monthly subscription for people and lets them create private content. They can buy all types of content by paying a monthly subscription fee. The site only allows people who are above 18 to create a personal account on Onlyfans and create content.

On this platform, you will find original content created by models, actors, fitness trainees, and Youtubers. The site is becoming popular among people who are jobless and want to earn sitting at home by creating content.

Onlyfans have strong safety measures and have introduced an account verification process for its users. The user who creates the account uploaded his selfie and ID to identify the account. When you follow all the rules of this site, you can run your account safely. It may lock you out if you violate the rules of this site.

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Why Onlyfans Keeps Logging Me Out?

Onlyfans is a content creation website that lets users use their accounts with rules and regulations. You can create and use the account with all terms and conditions. You need to follow all the rules mentioned in the website policy for account creation. You can create only original content on your Onlyfans account. 

But if you violate their rules and do not follow the policy, it will ban your account or may lock out your account. There may be many reasons for keeping you logged out from your account. 

  • The first may be that your system synchronization is not working on your browser and your account is locked. To get rid of this condition, you should clear your system cache. For this, open your web browser and make sure of system synchronization.
  • The other reason to be logged out is that you have deleted cookies and forget to allow them. Allow the website cookies to remove the issue you are facing.
  • Sometimes you use the incorrect password or ID that’s why Onlyfans keeps you logged out and you don’t get access to your account. Try to use the correct password and email address to log in to your account.
  • If you have not bought a subscription your subscription is running out of payment, and you cannot log in to your account. In this situation, Onlyfans does not allow you to keep logged in. You will be logged out from your account.
  • Check your cookies, if you have deleted your cookies, you cannot get a login to your account. Allows the cookies after getting login to your account.
  • Enable your system sync to keep login into your account and get original content of all types. Go to chrome settings and check advanced settings to stay logged in. 

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What does Logged out Mean?

Logging out means the simple connection termination of your system that does not give you access to your wanted site. If you are logging out from your Onlyfans there may be some issue in your system. Sometimes you may log out by yourself or a website may automatically terminate your logging in due to some reasons.

Inactivity for a long time also causes logging out from Onlyfans account according to their privacy policy. Due to inactivity logged out is shown and you need to login back into your account by using your password and ID. If you have forgotten your password you can recover it using other personal details.

 How Can I Stop A Website From Logging Me Out?

If you want to stop logging out of the issue by Onlyfans, you can do simple things. 

  • Always save the password on your browser to keep login in. Allow cookies when you open the site and log in to your account.
  • When you open the site try to close it directly to keep login or open another tab to close it. It will help you keep login into your account automatically and prevent the site from logging you out.


Onlysafe is an online social media website that lets users create original content. Using this site, you can create and watch original content like Youtube. It allows users to buy a subscription and get all types of videos and images.

This website only allows only 18-plus users to create an account and use it by buying a subscription. If you do not use the account for a long time, you will be logged out of your account. You need to pay the subscription fee and be active on your account to keep yourself logged in here.


How can I fix the login error OnlyFans?

If you are facing login issues, check the date and time on your system. It may cause a login error on your account. Authentication errors may also occur due to synchronization issues with your browser. Fix this problem by going to the advanced settings of your browser.

How do I stop a website from logging me out?

If you are facing logging out an issue, do these things to keep login:

  • Reload the page again
  • Open the browser to check synchronization and another site from the same host.
  • Try to be active on your account because due to inactivity, you are logged out.

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