Why would NetSpend closed my account

Top Answer: NetSpend closed my account

We had to close OpenDime in order to comply with a request by a lender. We can only close an account if it is due to a bank demise

Netspend Customer Waiting for Paycheck 7 Months Later

Don’t get NetSpend.

What made my Netspend card not work?
One reason your application could be denied is that you don’t have enough cash on your card. There has been no activation or registration of your card. Your online or telephone purchase address is incorrect. It differs from your prepaid card provider’s address.

How can I unblock my Netspend Account?
If you need to unblock your Netspend card, call their customer care at 1-866-387-7363 or email them at b5***df2@84.com

Why Netspend is not a good idea
Reloads and withdrawals of ACH funds are not free. There is no free network to perform ACH withdrawals or transactions. There is an inactivity fee if you stop using your card; many prepaid cards do not have this feature. Overdrafts can be used up to five times per month for $20.

What happens if your Netspend account goes negative?
Each overdraft transaction is subject to a $15 charge by Netspend, which can be up to three per month. If the customer’s negative balance is more than 30 consecutive days or within three months, Netspend will terminate the service.

Are you allowed to have more than one Netspend card?
We will need to open five Netspend accounts. To do this, we’ll need to set up a few prepaid debit cards. Each prepaid debit card can be linked to a particular firm but all of them run on the same platform as Netspend.

Netspend direct deposit pending
Incorrect card or Netspend account information is one of the leading causes of Netspend payment delays.

Is Netspend required to report to the IRS?
Netspend is a prepaid debit card that can automatically be replenished with direct deposits. Netspend does not require any personal information, such as a name or social security number. This is in contrast to credit cards and bank accounts. Netspend activity won’t appear on your credit reports or have any impact on credit scores.

To whom can I complain about Netspend?
NetSpend will refund all money lost. We want you to get it. If you feel you should have been notified by NetSpend, but you didn’t — or you are having difficulty obtaining your money back – please contact b5***df2@84.com

Netspend allows me to get my money back?
You will not be eligible for a refund after you have purchased a NetSpend Card. After you have taken out all the money, you can cancel it. You may be able to claim NetSpend as a problem and get your money back.

How can I reach Netspend customer service?
We are available to help. Email us at your secure email address, cardholders. Log in to the Account Center online to access this service.

What about the Netspend card?
Your Netspend Card Account now includes Social Security, SSI and Railroad Retirement payments. The IRS will deposit your Economic Impact payment into the same account that you use to collect federal benefits.

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