How long do mystic messenger chat times open?

Top Answer: Mystic messenger chat times

  • The other trick is to begin the day just after midnight!
  • Mystic Messenger is available in real-time.
  • Chat rooms can be opened in real-time.
  • Chat rooms are open at 4:30 pm.
  • Also, if you begin the game at midnight, you will be able to play until the next day.
  • You’ll miss each one.

[NO SPOILERS] Mystic Messenger: Game tips!

How do not miss chat rooms and now you can talk any time you want !! Mystic messenger

How many hours do you need to reply to Mystic Messenger?
Make sure you answer the phone in 10 seconds or else you’ll miss it. If you don’t you’ll get disconnected. If you don’t answer the call, you can attempt to call them back for 5 hours (standard) and 10 hours (Another Story). As a general rule in case you miss an appointment, you will only be reconnected at the end of you have had your second chat.

Do chatrooms really live?
Chatrooms can be described as a live method of online communication where all participants are present and connected simultaneously. Forums are typically unasynchronous as not everyone is always connected and topics evolve slower.

What happens if I don’t complete your day in Mystic Messenger?
If you aren’t a part of the day, isn’t negative to your score. Therefore even if you’ve had lots of chats on those days there shouldn’t be any reason to feel that you didn’t get to enjoy many on day two.

Are chat rooms dying?
At the very least, chat rooms are around. It’s likely that you’ve noticed they’re not always quiet, but they’re not a forum for text-based discussions.

Do the calls count to Mystic Messenger?
The flexibility of endings and route changes are only affected by game activities, like players’ movements. Text messages, calls and similar services do not have an effect on the routes or endings, they only add more colour and perspective to the characters. Have fun when they are available However, don’t fret about them if you do not receive these. Through messages, you can earn.

Who is the Yandere in Mystic Messenger?
There isn’t a definitive answer to this issue, because it’s left to interpretation. There are those who believe that the yandere figure is V, while others think it’s Zen. It is ultimately up to the individual to decide on who the yandere character represents.

How old is MC in Mystic Messenger?
MC was 20 when he appeared in Mystic Messenger.

What caused Yoosung lost his sight?
Yoosung lost his sight after a car accident.

What happens when you break your heart while playing Mystic Messenger?
There’s no final answer to this question since it is contingent on the specific circumstances and the relationship between two parties in the situation. There are a few possible consequences of breaking the heart in Mystic Messenger may result in people feeling disappointed, betrayed or abandoned and possibly experiencing a variety of negative emotions, including anger, sadness or even feelings of loneliness. Furthermore, the breakup could result in the loss of faith or trust in the other person and could lead to depression.

What voice actress is Yoosung’s?
Park Min-seo, Yoosung’s voice actor.

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