How do I change my aol mail to a free account?

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Switch your AOL mail to a free account, follow these steps:

  • Click My Services for your account details.
  • Select Manage next to manage your subscription.
  • Click Change Plan.
  • Check your confirmation pages.
  • Choose a reason to cancel by selecting the option.
  • Then, click Cancel My Account.

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AOL email users who have used it for a while may want to know how to switch from an AOL-free account to another. It isn’t as complicated as it sounds and can be accomplished in just a few simple steps.

You must first make sure that your email address is not being used by anyone else. If you have been given the email address by someone else, you must either return it to them or create a new account. You should also not delete any messages from your inbox before the transfer is completed. Some items cannot be transferred between accounts automatically, so they will end up being lost forever. These messages can be saved to your computer or an external storage device so that they can be manually transferred.

AOL offers only paid email services. Follow the steps below to create a new email address with an address not linked to AOL’s services.

  • Go to with your web browser. This is Google’s mail service that you can use free of charge and has lots of storage space. Click the pink “Create an account” button at the top of the page. You can’t choose anything else.
  • After you complete the account setup, it will ask for your Gmail username (which is linked to personal details such as name, address, password, type of phone, and whether you would like ads from Google on products displayed on your devices.
  • Once you have created a Gmail email account, the next step is to delete all emails associated with the AOL email address used for this task. Log in to AOL, then go to “My Account” on the left sidebar. Next, click Mail Options > Email Setting. The pop-up window will open. Click on View Full Profile and then select your old email address from that list. Scroll down until the Delete button appears.

Can I keep my AOL email account for free?
AOL accounts that are paid for may allow you to use a free account. You can keep your AOL email addresses and software settings as well as your bookmarked favourites places and bookmarked websites as long as you wish.

How can I stop paying AOL, but still keep my emails?
The AOL customer service representative will listen to your concerns and offer to cancel your paid subscription while still maintaining your AOL email. They might argue, but they will do whatever you ask. Keep track of all AOL representatives with whom you speak.

What is the cost of AOL email?
AOL Mail is a web-based service that is free for all customers regardless of their AOL membership status,” Aol PR told me when I asked them why the headlines implied that they charge for it.

Is it possible to change your AOL email address?
Your username is your complete email address, which can be used for non-AOL emails. Your membership can be terminated at any time. Your username cannot be changed or modified. You will need to create a new account if you wish to change your username.

Are AOL’s email policies changing in 2020?
AOL will stop supporting the current sign-in functionality for your app starting October 20, 2020. To continue using AOL Mail, you will need to follow the steps below.

Does AOL email still exist 2022?
The brand that was a gateway into the internet’s early days has been removed. As part of Verizon’s $5B media asset sale to Apollo Global Management (which included Yahoo and AOL), the brand will be phased down.

Is AOL charged a monthly fee for its services?
Ad-Free AOL Email is the first option available:, which costs $4.99 per month and delivers the same functionality as Free Email, except third-party advertising will not interfere.

How can I move my AOL mail from AOL to Gmail?
Log in to Gmail. Select the cog icon, then Accounts & Export. Select the cog icon then Accounts & Import. Enter your AOL email address in the pop-up window and click Next. You will need to verify that you have the correct email server information.

If I change my provider, can I still keep my AOL email account?
It is possible. Your AOL email is not tied to your Internet service provider. You can take it with you when you move or switch ISPs.

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