Most disliked host on QVC Television Recently 2022

Most disliked host on qvc (Quality Value Convenience) is an American free-to-air television network and the largest shopping channel which is focused on broadcast home shopping, and it is owned by Qurate Retail Group. In 1986, Joseph Segel in West Chester, United States founded QVC. 350 million households witness the broadcasts of QVC in seven countries including, the UK, Germany, Japan, and Italy, along with a joint venture in China with China National Radio called CNR Mall.

During this time period, the company employed many people to work with. some of the employees left after getting a more beneficial and favorable place to work, while others gave up because of superabundance. While discussing the host on QVC, here are a few names that flash across one’s mind. 

List of most disliked host on qvc

  • Full name: Jane Rudolph Treacy
  • Date of birth: January 28th, 1962
  • Place of birth: United States of America
  • Occupation: Actress, host

She is an American actress and has been working on QVC as a host since 1986. She is also famous for her fabulous presentation skills and well-bred salesman qualities in QVC. Jane left QVC after Liberty Media appraised everything. They fired her husband and she quit the show.

Her husband’s name is Sean Treacy. She has two children Cara Treacy and Deirdre Treacy. Her eyes and hair are dark browns in color. Her total assets are collectively worth $2 million.

  • Full name: Shawn Elizabeth Killinger 
  • Date of birth: 2nd November 1979
  • Place of birth: Detroit, Michigan in the USA
  • Occupation: Journalist, news reporter,  host

She is an American journalist and currently hosting the Shopping Giant program at QVC, she also works as a news reporter.

David Killinger Sr. is her father and Loandra Killinger is her mother. She is 5 ‘5” in height with dark brown eyes and blonde hair and she has 55 kgs of weight. Her total assets are collectively worth $5 million.

  • Full name : Alberti Popaj
  • Date of birth: January 26th, 1979
  • Place of birth: Prishtina, Albania
  • Occupation: Actor, Host

Alberti Popaj was born in Albania and was brought up in Manhattan, New York. He is an actor and is famous for hosting at Qvc. His famous works include “STILL LIVES”, “SUSANNA”, and“GRATITUDE”. He also hosts other shows.

  His elder brother’s name is Alfred Popaj. He is 6’2″ in height and he has an average body. His eyes are brown and have dark brown hair. His total assets are collectively worth $7 million.

  • Full name: Amy Joan Stran
  • Date of birth: June 19th, 1997
  • Place of birth: Maryland in the USA
  • Occupation: Producer, host

She is an Associate Producer for the QVC and a host. She has done amazing interviews with fashion experts like Mary-Kate, and Ashley Olsen. Who has won the women’s apparel Designer Award of the year? She left the channel at the end of 2017.

Her mother’s name is Iris Stran, and her father’s name is Herbert Andrew Stran. She has a twin sister also her name is Erin. She is 5 ‘2″ in height. She has dark brown eyes and Black hair. Her total assets are collectively worth $5 million.

  • Full name: Rick Domeier
  • Date of birth: April 8th, 1952
  • Place of birth: Minnesota, USA
  • Occupation: Host

Rick Domeier is one of the well-known hosts of the channel, QVC.  He is a quite popular host of QVC due to his personality.

His wife’s name is Amy Domeier and they have two children Josh & Nick Domeier. He has gray eyes and blond hair. Rick Domeier’s total assets are collectively worth $1.3 million.

  • Full name: Julia Cearley
  • Date of birth: March 25th, 1981
  • Place of birth: Los Angeles, California in the USA
  • Occupation: Actress, host

Julia Cearley is a TV host, American actress, and popular personality.  She started hosting at QVC in 2019. She is really famous for her works “ONCE FALLEN” in the year 2010; “WHAT REMAINS” in 2013, and “CRY WOLFE” in the year 2014. She is currently hosting a show at QVC and is a one-time actress.

She is height with hazel eyes and brown hair, and also average in weight. Her total assets are collectively worth $2 million.

  • Full name: Mary Beth Roe
  • Date of birth: August 10th, 1959 
  • Place of birth: Minnesota in the United States
  • Occupation: Host

Mary Beth Roe is a very well-known American television host. She is 62 years old. She is famous for being a host at QVC. She has served the station for twenty years. She was really devoted and honest with her profession. She has contributed a lot to both the growth of the channel and to herself.

  • Full name: Kristen Sara Lindquist
  • Date of birth: October 27th, 1977
  • Place of birth: Orange Country, California in the USA
  • Occupation: Host, Journalist, Actress

She is a renowned television presenter, American actress, and journalist. She is mostly famous for her works such as “THAT’s MY BUSH!” in 2001; “100 GIRLS” in 2000, and “THE WEST WING” in 1999.

Her husband’s name is Dan and they got married in 2003. She has two daughters and also an adopted son Ben. She is 5’6” in height and has a considerable body weight. Her total assets are collectively worth $2 million.

  • Full name: David Venable
  • Date of birth: November 12th, 1964
  • Place of birth: Charlotte, North Carolina in the USA
  • Occupation: Author, host  

David Venable is an author and  TV personality. He is also very famous for hosting the show “IN THE KITCHEN WITH DAVID” on QVC.

He is also very well-known for his works including “DAVID’s FOOD COURT” in the year 2013; “CHOW CIAO! WITH FABIO VIVIANI” in 2011 and “QVCtv” in 2006.

His mother’s name is Sara. He was brought up by a single parent. He is 6 ‘5” tall with brown eyes, black hair, and 86 kg weight. His total assets are collectively worth $2 million.

  • Full name: Jennifer Coffey
  • Date of birth: January 5th,1975
  • Place of birth: Texas, USA
  • Occupation: Host, entrepreneur

Jennifer Coffey is a famous TV personality and a budding entrepreneur. She is also a popular host for QVC since 2011 due to her unique dynamic and fun style. Her industrial career started after an audition in a San Antonio morning show.

Her husband’s name is Todd Coffey. She has a daughter her name is Gabby. She is 5’6″ inches tall and she has a slim and athletic body. She has blue eyes and blonde hair. Her total assets are $5 million.


Most of the hosts at QVC are disliked because of their unprofessional, self-centered, and silly behavior. The storytelling thing is truly pathetic and painstaking for the viewers. Hosts are too self-absorbed. Their obsession with their looks, weight, and diet plays a vital role in their poor rating by the audience. 

QVC should not continue to employ such unprofessional hosts who are obnoxious and rude to their fellow presenters and hold the worst ethics ever. Some of them are not good representatives of the company. They don’t work well with the other hosts and are never known about the items; they are there to present. Company standards have been lowered by hosts like these. That’s why people started disliking QVC hosts.

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