Why Is the Monkey App Deleted?

monkey app deleted


Do you remember the monkey app and want to know why the Monkey app was deleted? It is one of the social media platforms for people to connect with others all over the world. People used this application for video chatting, and millions of users have installed it on their smartphones.

Recently, this monkey app was deleted by the Microsoft corporation from their Play Store for users. Why is the monkey app deleted from Microsoft for users? The app is deleted due to a violation of the rules and is not available for use now. In this article, you will know about this application and the reason for its deletion from the Microsoft app store.

What is a Monkey App Used for?

Monkey app is a video chatting application for social media users that allow them to make a random video call with others. They can join others on this video calling only for 15 to 20 seconds and after that, the video call ends. The users can also use their mobile phone or Snapchat name here to join the call longer with others.

In addition, the users can also make group video calls by adding more than one person to the call. They can also share a moment on this app with their followers which they can see for a specific time. After that time, the moment disappears from the app automatically like other social media applications.

Some users consider it like a dating application to find known matches using short video calls on the internet. It just uses your Snapchat name or mobile number to run the call with others.

Why is the Monkey app deleted?

Why is the Monkey app deleted

The monkey was released in 2016 for social media users to find known matches over the internet. They can use this application on their IOS devices and smartphone for online video chatting with others. Teenagers used this application for finding people their perfect match. 

The call lasted for 15 seconds only, but if you want you can make it longer using other options. It became one of the most used dating applications due to its sexually explicit content over the internet. But one problem I found with this app was that it became blurry or black due to its appropriate use.

The developer of this application tested it among users and found its appropriate use among them. He said sorry, people are using it inappropriately, and it must be banned for them. For the people who used the Monkey app inappropriately, Microsoft banned their accounts.

This application is still available for users and they can find it on the google play store. But the app has banned its users due to inappropriate reviews on the app store. The developer changed its setting and only people above 17 can use it for video chatting.

Some more steps are taken to make the right use of this application and it is banned for teenagers. They have made strict policies for use of the Monkey app among users to promote its right use.

The users complained about sexually explicit content in this application and the developer banned it for IOS users completely. The app is not available now for downloading and use for online video chatting. The main reason is the negative reviews about the application and even teenagers of 12 to 13 age were using it.

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Can I Still Download the Monkey App?

As we stated above the Monkey application is banned for teenagers and they cannot use it. The developer has deleted it from the Microsoft play store to not use it on IOS. The users are unable to find it on the IOS Microsoft app store to run video chats on their system. The reason was that the teenagers were using this application on their system, and not safe for them.

The parents were worried about their children about the inappropriate use of this application. But Android users can find the application on the google play store and download this application on their android phones. Android users can use the app after face recognition and age confirmation.

Users above 17 years can create an account on this application and they also require face recognition on this app to continue video chats with others. They can post a moment for others on their account. The followers can see this moment for a specific time after posting it.

You can also get this application on your android phone by going to the official site of the Monkey app. After creating an account, you can download the app on your mobile.


The monkey app is a social media application for users above 17 to make short video calls of 15 to 29 seconds. However, the users can make a long video call using their Snapchat name or mobile number. The users can post content like videos and images on this app also as a moment for others. 

But, due to violation of rules and inappropriate use of this application, the app is banned for IOS users. The developer deleted this application for android users due to bad reviews on the Microsoft app store about this application. They deleted the application from the app store and IOS users can not download this application on their system. However, Android users can find it on the play store or the official site of the Monkey app for them.


Is it safer to use the Monkey app for kids?

No, it is not safer for kids to use the application on IOS and android devices. It is because the app has detected the sexual content by the users in their moments. The app requires face recognition for its use on android which may not be safer for kids.

How can I extend the video chat on the app?

The application only allows you to make 15 to 20-second video calls with others. But you can also extend that call using some options. You can use your Snapchat name or your mobile number if you want to make a longer video chat with others.

Why is the application banned for users?

The developers have found negative and bad reviews about the app on the Microsoft app store. Due to these reviews, the corporation banned it for users and deleted it for IOS users.

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