what is the longest facetime call ever

Top Answers: Longest facetime call ever

  • There is a Guinness World Record for the longest Facetime call at 26 hours and 18 minutes.
  • The call was initiated by two individuals in London, England and Melbourne, Australia on October 8-9, 2014.


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Is there a record for the longest FaceTime call? Guinness World Records?
The longest FaceTime conversation ever recorded on Guinness World Records is held by two people who sat down for 29 hours, 58 mins!

What is the record in the world for the longest kiss?
The record for the world’s longest long-lasting love is owned by Valeria and Victor Lipovetsky from Russia. They slept for 58 hours 35 minutes and the duration was 58 seconds in 2009.

What’s the lengthiest FaceTime call in 2021?
It is estimated that the longest FaceTime conversation in 2021 could last approximately 8 hours 7 mins long.

Which is the longest number ever?
The longest call of all time has been 2021 hours long! It was recorded in the month of October in 2014 by two males from India who wanted to establish a new world record.

What record is the most difficult to break?
The record for a world record in the 100-meter race is 9.58 seconds.

What is the longest call?
The longest call in the world took place on April 21, 1989. The call ran for more than 116 hours and five minutes. The call was by two Australian brothers, Paul and Neil Papworth aged between the ages of 18 and 22 at the date.

What is the record in the world for blinking?
The record in the world for not blinking for more than 9 hours.

What is the record of the world not sleeping?
The record for the world’s longest period of staying awake is set by Randy Gardner, who went for 264 minutes (11 weeks) without sleeping in the year 1965.

What is the record in the world for eating nothing?
The record of the world for not eating was set by an individual whose name is Cathie Jung, who hasn’t eaten since 1979.

What is the record in the world for not breathing?
Record-breaking world time for breathing in silence was set by Dean Karnazes. He lasted all of three and a half hours without breathing.

Can you breathe oxygen at 100%?
There is no clear answer to this question since people sleep at different times of time. On average, adults are sleeping approximately 8 hours per night.

What’s the record in the world to beat Minecraft?
The record for the world record in breaking Minecraft holds a player who played the game in less than two hours.

How long will you be without air?
The average person is without air for around three minutes.

What’s the record in the world for not losing your eyes?
The record in the world for keeping your eyes open for approximately 11 minutes.

Can you go for 40 days without drinking water?
Yes, you can go for 40 days without drinking water. However, it’s not recommended and you’ll likely suffer adverse consequences in the event that you decide to do it.

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