How Do I Check My Local Guide Program Level?

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  • Check to make sure you are running the most recent version of Google Maps.
  • Click the menu.
  • Contribute to your Touch.
  • Your score and points total will be displayed.

google local guide program

Local Guides Perks Email Preferences

What is the Local Guide Level? It is the Local Guide Level (LGL) is a measurement of your activity in Google Maps. As your LGL increases, you can get special features and rewards to enable you to make your exploration even more enjoyable. To find out what level you currently have, visit this link: You can also see your progress towards reaching the next level by visiting this page:

Which are what are Local Guide levels? There are currently four LGLs starting at Level 1. (Beginner) You are now able to define your home and Work areas, add an individual marker to the map, include additional information about the location and write reviews about locations. 2. (Explorer) Your personal recommendations have just gotten more effective! In this level, you’ll be able to see your most-loved spots in Google Search near your workplace or home on the map, with other enhanced features.

Level 3 (High Explorer) You’ll now receive additional personalized suggestions for activities to try in the new locations you’ve been to recently. You’ll also have access to additional features within the Guides Local Guides Map Hacks. 4. (Road Warrior) This is the level you’ve been waiting for! Once you’ve achieved Road Warrior status you will be invited to attend a Street View Summit in 2016. You’ll also be granted access to other perks and features which will be revealed after the status is released.

What can I do to check how I can check my Google level?
Start Google Play Games. Open the Google Play Games app. Click”Profile at the bottom. The number you see on your profile picture will indicate the level you are at.

Where can I find Local guides on Google?
To sign up as a Local Guide, you must be a Local Guide, go to the forum and sign up with an account on Google account. After that, you can begin a discussion and reply to posts from other members. You can also personalize your experience in the community, offer suggestions, and then vote for the ones you prefer. We encourage local guides to come back to Connect often so they can contribute.

What is the local guide level 5?
Local guides at Level 5 are only available to those who made at least 500,000 dollars. This led to a lot of anger in local guides. The new level system can accommodate levels that go up to ten which enhances the excitement of every participant, as well as appreciation and contributions.

What is my Local Guide?
The International Association of Dive Sites (IADS) was founded in 2002 with the aim of promoting divers tourism internationally and raising divers’ visibility worldwide. As a Google Trusted Local Guide, you can assist other travellers decide where to travel to and what they can do during their travels by writing reviews, uploading images and answering questions and adding or editing locations as well as checking the facts in Google Maps. Millions of people depend on your recommendations like these to help them decide on the best places to visit and what they should do during their time off.

What is a Google Local?
Google+Local was created from Google Places It is a service offered by Google which allows companies to be found through Google Maps. With its Google Places Business Center, business registrations are typically created in a way that is automated by Google or they may be set up and maintained by the companies themselves.

How can I use a local guide?
Visit the profile of the Local Guide you’d want to follow. Choose “Follow” from the drop-down menu that appears on the local guide’s page. Then, scroll all the way into the “Contact Me. “Contact Me” section and select the option. To find out what the people who follow you have been posting lately Click “Following” in the left-hand navigation.

Does Google pay Local Guides?
It’s not a reward for being a local expert. The Google Localguides is a program for volunteers where you can provide the details of areas you’ve visited with Google Maps. In exchange for your travels, Google may provide you with incentives.

Do you earn money to be a local guide for Google?
In accordance with our guidelines Local Guides aren’t paid, nor can they earn through their work. Local Guides is a Local Guides program for those who love being a part of Google Maps and would like to assist others in discovering and discovering the world. You can also gain access to other benefits including early access to the latest Google services

What is the local guide level?
Google Maps Local Guides is a free service available from Google Maps that allows anybody to upload images, reviews as well as other details. Your current status could aid in gaining trust and authenticity when other users find them on Google Maps.

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