Jazz Internet Packages Daily Weekly Monthly Code 2021

Jazz Internet Packages


Jazz internet packages have a wide range of bundles where you can choose according to your needs and budget. On the other hand, the speed of Jazz network is best in the market with 4G support.

Along with, other factors jazz has hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly packages for their prepaid and postpaid customers.

jazz internet packages

Jazz internet packages hourly 2021

Jazz provided hourly internet plans for their customers, such as “Super Ghanta Offer”. If you sign up for this package, you can get 1GB of internet bandwidth for the price of Rs. 9 inclusive of tax for an hour.

A different hourly package is a Student Offer in which you can enjoy unlimited Facebook as well as unlimited jazz and warid minutes for just the price of Rs. 7.50 with a validity of two hours.

Student OfferRs. 7.5 Incl. TaxUnlimited minutes On-net + Unlimited for Facebook 2 Hours
Dial *3000#
Super Ghanta OfferRs. 10 Incl. Tax1 GB internet1 HourDial *638#


Jazz internet Packages daily code 2021


Internet is need of everyone. Jazz offers daily bundles of their customers where you can fulfill your social media needs to enjoy Facebook, WhatsApp, and more. In this article, we tabulated various internet packages provided by Jazz. You will find and trigger the plan that is most appropriate for you.

Daily Browser PKR 11.95 50MB1 Day *117*11#
Daily SMS + WhatsApp Bundle PKR 7.2 10MBs for WhatsApp only 1800 SMS 1 Day *334#
Daily Day Bundle PKR 14 20MB Data + 300 Jazz Mins, 300 SMS 1 Day Dial *340#
Daily Extreme PKR 15 2GB Data (12am - 12pm) 1 Day *757#
Daily Mega PKR 27 1000 MBs 1 Day *117*4#
Daily Youtube & Social PKR 16 1GB For Youtube, WhatsApp & Facebook 1 Day *968#
Sindh Daily Offer PKR 15 250 MB Data, unlimited Jazz Mins, 1500 SMS 1 Day Dial *522#
KP Daily Offer PKR 14 250 MBs of data, unlimited Jazz minutes, 1500 SMS 1 Day Dial *291#


Jazz internet 3 days 

If you are looking for a fewer days package that included social media, web surfing, youtube, and the best thing is in addition to net free mints then is this best fit to your requirement.

3 Day Max Offer PKR 35 1 GB Data + 100 Jazz mins 3 Day Dial *631*2#


Jazz weekly internet packages 2021


You are able to stay online, download or upload your favorite songs, read/learn about your favorite blogs, be connected to social media, or even view YouTube for the entire week by using these fantastic jazz internet packages for the week. Every handset that supports 2G/3G/4G can run these packages with no issues.

You can subscribe/choose one of the below-mentioned packages according to your needs.

Weekly YouTube & Social PKR 99 5 GBs for IMO, WhatsApp, YouTube & Facebook 7 Days *660#
Weekly Premium PKR 1694 GBs of data and 50 All Network Minutes 7 Days *117*47#
Weekly Mega PKR 220 8GBs (1 GB for WhatsApp) 7 Days *159#
Weekly Mega Plus PKR 275 15 GBs + 10 GBs (2AM - 2PM) 7 Days *453#
Weekly SMS and WhatsApp PKR 20 25MB data for WhatsApp +1500 SMS 7 Days *101*1*07#
Weekly Super Plus PKR 260 12GB data + 5000 jazz minutes + 70 off-net minutes + 5000 SMS 7 Days Dial *505#


Jazz monthly internet packages list

If you are looking for a complete monthly internet bundle with a fast and hassle-free then this article best fit for you.

Jazz monthly internet plans are available to jazz customers that are prepaid, for those who are among the big data users. The ability to download favorite songs, as well as other things as you get a large amount of MB for a low price throughout the week. Jazz offers its customers 4G and 3G services, namely, Jazz Monthly Internet Package. Plans for monthly internet access are reasonable. Many people are using jazz to connect to the Internet regularly. Many people love jazz internet.

Jazz Monthly Browser Package PKR 89 2 GB 30 Day *709#
Jazz Monthly Social Package PKR 110 5GB (WhatsApp, Facebook & IMO) + 12000 SMS 30 Day *661#
Jazz Monthly Mega Plus PKR 349 12 GB (6GB 2 AM – 2 PM) 30 Day *117*30#
Jazz Monthly Supreme Package PKR 525 22 GB (12GB 2 AM – 2 PM) 30 Day *117*32#
Jazz Monthly Premium Internet Package PKR 630 25GB (10 GB YouTube) + 250 All Net Mins 30 Day *2000#
Jazz Monthly Super Duper Plus PKR 800 15 GBs of Data, 5000 Jazz minutes, 300 off-net minutes, 5000 SMS 30 Day Dial *707#


Jazz Data SIM internet monthly


Data SIM only pertains to the internet where you can use it for internet services. If you are facing local cable internet down problem and looking for an alternative to getting rid of them then Jazz data sim best option within budget with high speed 4g.

Below mention table, I have shared up-to-date jazz data sim packages. 

Monthly Starter PKR 215 4GB (2GB 2am-2pm) 30 Day Dial *117*77#
Monthly Internet Regular PKR 1591 60GB (30GB 1am-9am) 30 Day *117*73#
Monthly Internet Heavy PKR 2273 150GB (75GB 1am-1pm) 30 Day *117*74#
Jazz Monthly Smart PKR 533 6GB (Facebook & Whatspp Only) 30 Day Dial *117*35#
Smart Monthly 4G Data SIM Package PKR 600 15GB (7.5 GB 1AM - 9AM) 30 Day *117*35#
Monthly Internet Mega PKR 1818 100GB (50 1AM - 9AM) 30 Day *117*36#


Jazz postpaid internet packages 2021


All postpaid users’ internet bundles-related details here since jazz 3G and 4G net packages such as Jazz every day, week, and monthly Internet bundles for consumers with postpaid accounts will be reviewed in in-depth. In Pakistan Jazz is the country’s most reliable network.


Jazz provides both customer after-payment and pre-payment solutions. Jazz was integrated with Warid and then merged with Warid. The Jazz network is a great choice for jazz fans. It’s a network that is mobile. 1. Jazz also provides the top internet connectivity for its customers that use calls signals. If the customers aren’t frequent customers of the internet the ideal jazz schedules are daily.

Monthly Streamer Package PKR 390 2GB + 2GB for WhatsApp 30 Day *777# or Call Helpline
Monthly Premium Package PKR 732 5GB + 3GB social data 30 Day *777# or Call Helpline
Monthly Supreme Package PKR 1172 16GB 30 Day *777# or Call Helpline
Monthly Super Package PKR 1466 25GB 30 Day *777# or Call Helpline
Monthly Ultimate Package PKR 2443 50GB 30 Day *777# or Call Helpline


Final conclusion


In short. Jazz cellular network has the best in town internet bundles with less price according to customer need whether hourly, weekly and monthly. Further, sharing your feedback motivate us to share informational content regularly.




How to activate Jazz Whatsapp Call offer?

Dail *225# to activate in RS. 1.5 incl tax with 65MB data.


How to Subscribe to Super Ghanta jazz internet?

Dial *638# to subscribe in Rs. 9 incl tax with 1GB data.

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