Jazz Balance Share Karne Ka Tarika 2021

jazz balance share


Jazz balance share is a suitable and resilient service that allows users to share the balance of any amount that ranges between Rs.15 up to Rs. 500. Are you unsure of how to accomplish this? By following this step-by-step guide sharing with others your Jazz balance is simple.


Follow the dial formate: *100*Jazz Number*Amount in Rupees#   

  • The person should have active Jazz or Warid number
  • Open phone call pad and dial
  •  Follow the format  *100*Jazz Number*Amount in Rupees#. For Example, you want to share Rs.50 to the number 03007894563. Then *100*03007894563*50#.
  • You will receive a confirmation message then just type 1 to confirm. 
  • You will be charged Rs. 4.77 + tax/ transaction for using this service.
  • Your send amount must be between 15 to 500 rupees.




Jazz balance share or  how to share balance from jazz to jazz

The evolution of the telecom industry of Pakistan has brought great benefits to the people who use it. Everything is right in our reach regardless of conditions. Not only is it making communication much more convenient and efficient and efficient, but the power of the cell phone in completing daily tasks efficiently is also a fact. 


How to share Jazz balance lets its customers who are prepaid customers the ability to transfer their credit with their family and friends in times of crisis. It is crucial to keep in mind that sharing credit is only permitted and valid to two Jazz customers. This feature can be extremely useful in emergencies. It’s never too early to know if it could be life-saving for somebody.



In short, if you are a Jazz user then you can send the balance to any Jazz and Warid number by following the for dial formate *100*Jazz Number*Amount in Rupees#. Furthermore, if you like or wanna give feedback please write in the comment box.



Can Jazz User share credit with Warid users?

Yes, Now Jazz and Warid are the same company. You can share.


How much minimum and maximum amount can I share?

You can share between 15 to 500 Rupees.


How can I share credit Jazz to Jazz and Jazz to Warid?

The format of the dial is the same for both, *100*Jazz Number*Amount in Rupees#.

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