Jazz Advance Code Loan SMS 2021

jazz advance code


jazz advance code enables customers to get advance balances whenever their balance is below a limit of Rs.100. This service is available to only prepaid customers. You can get Rs 15 and Rs 30 by dialing.


Jazz advance code 15 rupees

For Subscription: Dial *112#

Charges:  Rs. 4.60+ Tax


Jazz advance unsubscription code

Un-subscription: Dial *112*4#

To get a Jazz loan, all you need to do is make a call to *112# on the number on your Jazz Prepaid number. Once you do that, you will receive an increase of Rs. 15. in your account if your balance falls drops below a threshold of Rs.100, at any time in during the following 4 hours.

jazz advance code
jazz advance code


Jazz advance code 30 rupees


You can receive two advances payments that are Rs.15 (each) up to the date of your next recharge. For that, you have to use a Subscription code *112# two times once the first advance loan is finished then you can dial it again to get second Rs. 15.


Mobile also introduces a double advance for its customers where you can directly get Rs. 30 loan.


You can get 30 rupees of Jazz Advance using *113#.

In some cases If user credit score and recharge history are good at Jazz and you are also a Jazz subscriber, you will be upgraded to an Rs.30 loan in exchange for a service charge that is Rs.7.50 (Incl. tax) and is advantageous to the subscriber in light of the price. Both of these options are accessible for each Jazz subscriber to avail of a cash loan in emergencies.

Jazz advance balance share with Friends and family 

Jazz FNF advance is an additional benefit for those who already utilized a jazz loan and have not repaid till yet. In this situation, the user can request from his/her friends and family for a temporary balance. 

User will be charged Rs.1 from loan amount however, to be eligible user must have avail self loan from jazz.


  • Dial *1112# 
  • Select 1 to add FNF number
  • When a number is added then select 1 again to send a loan request to the number you have added.
  • Once the loan is approved by your FNF you will get Rs. 5 with a deduction of Rs 0.84 + tax.
  • The user can not request another advance until he/she paid the previous one.


Final conclusion


In short. Jazz has a loan balance option that can simply utilize in emergency times to connect with your love once which detailed codes are mention in this article. Furthermore, Share your experience in the comments section below.




How to get Jazz Advance?

To avail of Jazz Advance, just dial *112# from your Jazz Prepaid number. You will be credited with an amount of Rs.15 in your account when your balance falls below Rs.100 at any time in the next 4 hours.


How many advances can get?

You can only receive 2 advances that are Rs.15 (each) until the date of your next recharge.


How do I get more than Rs 15 to loan for a time?

If your credit and charge record is excellent at Jazz and you are a Jazz subscriber, you are upgraded to receive Rs.30 credit against a service charge that is Rs.7.50 (Incl. tax).

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