Jarvis Siri Voice – How to Change Siri Voice to Jarvis

jarvis siri voice


Jarvis Siri voice or Siri’s voice is able to appear as JARVIS the virtual assistant to the rich Stark Industries man who in his spare time dresses up as a steelman. The result won’t be spectacular however, a lot of comic-book fans will be happy as children. It’s time to tell boring Siri to change her tone. Step-by-step, we’ll give you how to do it. This excellent tutorial allows users to experiment using one of the least well-known features of the iPhone such as the ability to customize this particular feature. One of the first things you need to be sure not to forget is to make backup copies of Siri sound effects. (simply store them on your hard drive) to make sure that losing them doesn’t need us to perform a complete restoration of the phone.

The back

  • We enter iFile
  • We are looking for the path or the system that will lead directly to Library or Audio
  • We chose the USounds
  • This file is saved.

Changes Siri’s voice

  • First, we will download JARVIS’ sound effects from the link to the EAST.
  • We will review the dossiers
  • We Press to edit
  • We choose five files.
  • Click on the Clipboard icon
  • Then, we Press Cut
  • We go back to the / System and then we go to Library and Audio
  • Click on
  • Copy the document to the clipboard
  • Of course, we confirm in “overwrite all”
  • Reset the iPhone (We don’t do Respring, however, rather an accidental reboot with power and home)

Now, we must change Siri’s voice. Siri to British

  • We open Settings> General
  • We enter Siri
  • We pick Language
  • Now, we will select English (United Kingdom)

If for some reason you’re lost at any time, the video I offer here from The iDownloadBlog Team is quite informative. But, he’s not proficient in Spanish or at the very least. I’ve failed in this regard, however when you see it as positive, this video will help you in increasing the quality of your English (read for yourself to appreciate what’s so absurd about it). The problem with Siri is that Siri isn’t well-known for its powerhouse. This update makes it more sluggish, and that’s why I don’t recommend it for anything other than curiosity. Any change that focuses on personalizing the iPhone is fantastic news.

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