Is Basic Industries A Good Career Path

Is Basic Industries A Good Career Path


Is Basic Industries a good career Path? This article will help you figure that out. Basic industries intrigue people, but many are unsure whether they want to pursue them professionally. It is important to consider not only the skills and education that you need, but also your salary, when deciding on a career path. 

According to required skills, salary, education, and so on, basic industries are a good career choice. For those considering a career in the basic industries, there are wonderful career choices and job prospects. I hope this article will help you to get the answer of Is Basic Industries a good career Path.

Is Basic Industries A Good Career Path

What Are Basic Industries?

A basic industry is one that provides raw materials to other industries in order to manufacture goods. It is sometimes referred to as a key industry. Basic industries include iron and steel. Steel is used by the automotive industry as a raw material.

A basic industry transforms raw materials and basic components into products used in another industry.

In addition to plastics, fertilizers, detergents, and pharmaceuticals, petroleum is an integral part of many products.

There are many items that we depend on every day that are made from steel. Automobiles, appliances, construction beams, and transmission towers all fall under this category. Coal is also used in industrial power plants.

Common Categories Of Basic Industries

Basic industries fall into the following categories:


Several developed and underdeveloped countries rely heavily on agriculture. Agriculture is an essential industry that employs many people. Additionally, it provides raw materials for many industries. Agricultural exports and imports make up a large portion of a country’s exports and imports.

The following jobs are available in this sector: Agronomist, Plant scientist, Animal scientist and Food scientist.


All industries require minerals as raw materials. There are two phases to the mining process. Exploration is the first phase.

Then there is the planning and construction aspect. Permits must be obtained and mining plans made. Purchase Officer, Geotechnical Engineer, Mining Engineer.

Oil and Gas industry

It remains one of the largest industries in the world. There are three segments in the industry, namely upstream, midstream, and downstream. An upstream company discovers or produces oil or gas. The midstream companies take care of its transportation and storage at the same time. Upstream companies are those that purify the oil and run refineries. This is a choice for you. Jobs include:


Oil rig worker

Oil field worker

Petroleum geological engineer

Offshore worker

Paper and Pulp

Paper is used for packaging, hygiene products, and tissues. However, pulp is used in textiles. Here are some jobs you may find:




Pulp or paper mill operator

Chemical industry

This industry transforms raw materials into chemical solutions or gases. They are then easily utilized by other industries. Jobs in this industry include:

Chemical engineer

Chemical technician

Plant operator

Materials scientist


Steel and metal

Steel plays an important role in the construction industry. There is always a need for steel in various construction and real estate projects, such as railroad tracks, beams, and pipelines. Job duties include:



Metal fabricator

Tool and die technician

Sheet metal worker


The utility industry is also profitable, such as electricity, water, and heating, etc. This is because most industries rely on these services. Popular jobs here include:

Field installers

Plant operators

Utility engineer

Utility Inspector

Wastewater treatment technician

Thousands of people are employed by the pharmaceutical industry every year. It is a highly specialized field that requires highly qualified people.

Any mistake has a very high risk of occurring. Furthermore, you can even apply for management-related jobs such as account managers, sales managers, and production managers. Jobs in the industry continue to be in high demand following the pandemic.

Basic Industries Is A Good Career Path

There are many options available to men in the basic industries. Basic industries provide stable, solid employment. You should consider all of your options before deciding.

All possibilities should be explored with an open mind. Discover the many opportunities available to individuals like you.

What Are The Characteristics Of Basic Industries

Across all the basic industries, how many jobs are available in basic industries, there are a few characteristics in common. Below is a list of them:

Highly Trained Personnel

The working conditions in basic industries are often hazardous. To increase efficiency and reduce the likelihood of accidents, firms should hire only highly qualified and trained employees.

Physical Nature Of Work

The majority of jobs in basic industries require being out and about all day, running around, lifting weights, bending, and stretching. There is no sitting involved. Basic industries should be avoided by those seeking desk jobs.

Impact On The Environment

Byproducts from basic industries are often harmful to the environment. Additionally to polluting the air, water, and land, these industries pose a danger to workers and those living nearby.

Best Paying Jobs In Basic Industries


Commercial farmers hire agronomists to grow their crops. Soils, fertilizers, nutrients, irrigation, and seeds are inputs provided by these professionals.

In addition, they provide support and leadership based on their market analysis and management skills. On average, agronomists earn more than $60,000.


Horticulturists specialize in cultivating plants, vegetables, fruits, flowers, and ornamental trees. Besides designing parks, he also specializes in landscape design.

A horticulturist also increases the yield and improves the taste of plants in addition to all of the above. A horticulturist typically makes around $40,000.

Petroleum Geologist

Petroleum geologists study the surface of the earth in order to locate ore deposits. They use geophysical indicators to determine whether to drill

Furthermore, petroleum geologists recommend the tools to be used. Different areas have different geological compositions. Highly specialized equipment is used for gathering surface and subsurface data.

Petroleum geologists typically hold bachelor’s degrees in geosciences. Their average annual salary is $100,000.

Drilling Engineer

Their primary function is to operate and execute gas and oil. They supervise the drilling staff as well.

Furthermore, they assess and maintain oil wells, as well as oversee financial aspects of operations. Their yearly salary is about $100,000.


Metallurgists work in the processing areas of mines. As well as casting and alloying knowledge, he also brings with him knowledge of extraction, heating, and metal properties. Metallurgists can make up to $100,000 per year.

Occupational Health And Safety Professionals

A health and safety officer investigates and documents accidents, and he also evaluates and executes safety protocols.

Additionally, he is responsible for the overall safety strategy and is aware of the risks associated with different processes. On average, he earns $77,000 annually.

Steel Fabricator

Steel fabricators take basic steel sections and shape them into various shapes and segments. It is crucial that you know how to use specialized tools, such as Computer Numerical Control (CNC). It is a highly specialized job. They earn over $40,000 per year.

Steel Worker

Construction and installation of steel components are the responsibilities of steelworkers. These workers construct building structures such as columns and frames. In addition to the above, they report structural problems to their supervisors.

In addition to repairing steel structures and components, steelworkers also perform maintenance. As steelworkers are physically demanding, they need to have a lot of stamina. On average, they make more than $50,000 a year.


Employment is primarily composed of industries that are reliant on external factors to drive demand. Futhmore, their goods are shipped from outside the region where they were sourced, large mining, logging, and manufacturing companies can be considered basic employers. I hope is it clear now Is Basic Industries a good career Path.

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