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It is possible that the password and email address you’re using has changed. If you’ve forgotten your password, select “Forgot Password?” on the login page, and follow the steps for resetting it. The most likely reason is that your account is removed. To fix this issue, get in touch with Customer Service at support@imvu.


Why can’t I log into my IMVU account?

What is the reason why IMVU remove numerous accounts?
IMVU removed a few accounts in order to be compliant with the Child Online Privacy Act.

How do I recover my IMVU password?
You can’t. The only method to modify your password is to contact the Customer Support department of IMVU.

Can I delete my IMVU account?
Yes, you can delete your IMVU account. To do that visit your “Account” tab on your account page, and click the “Delete Account” “Delete Account” button. If you wish to disable your account, instead of deleting it then select “Deactivate Account.

How can make changes to your login on IMVU?
To change your username at IMVU log in to your account and click “Edit Profile.” Under the “User Name” section, select “Change User Name” and enter the new username you’d like to use. You are also able to edit other areas that comprise your account, including your bio, avatar, or email address.

How can change your password on IMVU mobile?
Change the password by accessing the app’s settings and clicking on”Change Password. “Change Password” option.

How can I remove IMVU from my laptop?
IMVU can be described as an online social network that is able to interact with other users via virtual reality. To get rid of IMVU from your system All you have to do is remove it.

1) Click the Windows button and enter “Programs and Features” into the search bar.
2) Click on Programs and Features.
3.) Go to the bottom of your screen until you come across IMVU and then right-click on it and choose Uninstall.

Can you delete the discord account?
You can remove the account on your Discord account by visiting your Account Settings section and clicking the button that reads “Delete my account”.

What happens if the IMVU account is not functioning?
In the event that your IMVU account is not functioning and you are unable to log in and use the website. Should you have queries or concerns about this, contact customer service.

How can I deactivate the IMVU account on my IMVU account?
You can remove the IMVU Account by reaching out to their customer support department. It is possible to do this by writing them an email at by calling 1-866-542-8228 or requesting a phone callback from them on the internet.

How can I reach IMVU via email?
IMVU is a business that offers an online social network platform for users to design and modify their avatars, communicate with other members, and purchase and sell virtual items. IMVU does not offer email addresses through its site. However, you can reach IMVU via the following channels:
Live chat: IMVU has live chat via its website. Chat with representatives from 8 am to 8 PM EST, Monday through Friday.

How can I remove Google?
To remove Google To uninstall Google, you must delete all Google-related applications from your smartphone. That comprises Gmail, YouTube, and Chrome. You may also delete other Google-related files stored on your computer.

How do I delete my IMVU account on Apple?
You can deactivate the IMVU accounts from Apple using these instructions:
Visit the App Store and then click “Featured”
Scroll to the bottom and click “Purchased”
Find IMVU on the app list and click it.

How can I get rid of my Gmail account?
To erase a Gmail account, visit the email settings page, and choose”Delete your account or services” from the “Delete your account or services” option.

What is the reason why IMVU takes forever to deinstall?
One reason IMVU takes the longest to remove is due to the fact that it’s an application that installs different programs on your computer. So, when you decide to remove this program you’ll be also uninstalling the other applications as well. The most efficient method of uninstalling IMVU will be to log in to Control Panel. There, you can go to Control Panel and uninstall the individual programs installed by IMVU.

How long will IMVU require to remove?
The removal process for IMVU is not difficult however, it takes some time. To begin the process started by going on to Start, and then click Control Panel. From there, click “Programs and Features.” From there, you’ll be able to locate and remove IMVU when you click on the program.

How can I remove IMVU on my Mac?
Open Finder
Click on Applications
Find IMVU and then right-click it.
Select Move to Trash

How can I modify my V password?
If you’re using an internet-connected device, visit Vu’s website and sign in. Click the “My Account” button and then click “Change Password.” You will then be able to enter your previous password and the new one repeatedly.

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