How to Start with ibuypower Keyboard Light Control

ibuypower keyboard light control


The Ibuypower keyboard is a gaming keyboard designed with a limited number of keys to a standard keyboard. It is designed for gaming and all keys are arranged ergonomically for users. They can use this keyboard for playing games on their PC easily.

This keyboard helps you press keys easily while playing games on your PC screen. In this article, you will know the ibuypower keyboard light control for gaming and how to use this keyboard. You will love to play games using this keyboard when you feel free to press keys and play well.

ibuypower Keyboard Light Control 

The ibuypower keyboard is a very nice looking gaming keyboard that is designed for gamers and has fewer keys than a standard keyboard. It helps gamers play games easily on PC and enjoy them a lot. The keys on the keyboards are softer and designed ergonomically for use.

This keyboard comes in red as this color is the theme of the iBuypower keyboard and it has rubber pads on all sides. The bottom center of the keyboard also has a rubber pad. These rubber pads help the users to use the keyboard easily without slipping. It also helps in effective typing.

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How to Control Lights on the Ibuypower Keyboard?

If you want to control lights on the ibuypower keyboard, it is easier to turn them off and on. Hold the ctrl and alt keys on your keyboard to control the RGB lights on gaming keyboards. Lights are present on the left navigation bar of the keyboard.

At the top corner of the keyboard, you will find the animation, off and static modes to change the color of keyboard lights. These light modes let you control the light of the keyboards easily. You can choose any light mode for your PC while playing the game.

When you plug your ibuypower keyboard into your PC, automatic software is installed on the PC to control its light system of it. The pre-built system of the PC allows you to control all keys present on the keyboard without any issues.

How to Control Lights of Your System in Easier Steps?

Here are easier steps to control the lights of the ibuypower keyboard lights when you plug it into your PC. Follow these steps to avoid any issues:

Identify the System Control

When you attach the keyboard to your PC to play games, you have to check the system that it needs to work properly. Check the software that will work with this keyboard and help you play games calmly. Check your PC system and software compatible with your keyboard that is installed on the motherboard,

If you don’t have the correspondence software on your system or the software is even for your system, you will need to install it on your PC. Some examples of these RGB control software are ASRock’s Polychrome SYNC, ASUS’s Aura Sync, and MSI’s Mystic Light. Some software is already built into your system.

Install the necessary drivers/ software

The second step after checking the system compatibility is to install the required drivers or software on your system. It is also easier to download the required software on your system by going to the webpage of the “RGB” family. Here you can find all of your wanted drivers and software in no time.

All drivers needed to control the light ecosystem of your ibuypower software are available here or may not. You can search for your required light control software from another webpage. These programs will let you install them on the system and work properly.

Customize and Get Start:

Once you have downloaded and installed the required software, it is time to get started with your ibuypower keyboard. All is completed and ready to start controlling every function of your keyboard to play games. Now, you can change the light system of your keyboard according to your taste and use it as you want.

Most of the software lets you change the color and effects of keyboard lights also. This software let you experience gaming calmly and enjoy it a lot. You will find the alt and ctrl keys with the spacebar of the keyboard, press these keys to change the color of your keyboard.

Different modes on the keyboard help you change the color of your keyboard lights and make your gaming lifestyle.

Final Words:

The ibuypower keyboard is a gaming keyboard that lets you get an amazing and different experience while playing games on your PC. This keyboard has a specific light control system and needs specific software to control the keys on it. You can use this keyboard and control it if your system has the required driver or software.

Check your system and download the driver to control the lighting function of your ibuypower keyboard. It is ready to use after installing the drivers and you can customize effects and lighting colors.


How can I turn off iBUYPOWER RGB?

Click on the keyboard menu option to look for RGB fusion and several options related to light controls. These options help you control the light system of your ibuypower keyboard. You can activate and deactivate keyboard lights using these options.

How can I change the light colors of the keyboard?

  • Changes the color—————-FN+Ins
  • Increases the brightness——FN+Up Arrow
  • Decreases the brightness——-FN+Down Arrow 

What is the function of the FN key on this keyboard?

Keyboard has an FN function key on the bottom left of starting. This function key is used to activate any function of the keyboard.

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