i want to delete one of my google account

Top Answer: I want to delete one of my google account

  • Log into the account you’d like to erase.
  • Go to MyAccount.Google.com.
  • Under Account Preferences, click “Delete your account or services”.
  • From the drop-down list, select “Delete your Google account and data”.
  • Double-check your account information. Follow the steps.

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How can I remove the email addresses of one of my Gmail email addresses?
To ensure that none of your emails are lost when you add an address, open Settings > Accounts and Import > Add an additional email address or phone number. Add the second email address and go back to the settings and delete the previous addresses. The emails will now be delivered to both inboxes. This means there’s less confusion regarding which inbox the reply should be sent to.

How can I remove an email address from my Gmail email address?
If, after you delete an email address, you find you can’t go back to reverse the actions you’ve taken, you’re out of the woods. If you visit the settings of your Gmail account and choose “Add An Email” from the menu, you’ll be able to create a new email address to replace any existing ones in your account.

How can I remove another email address in Gmail?
Go to Settings in your Google Account by clicking here https://myaccount.google.com/privacy. In the section titled “Your personal information,” select the box next to “Email.” Select “Alternate emails” or “Advanced” from the drop-down menu beneath “Alternate Emails” To delete an email that is not your primary one, click it, then click the trash icon beside it.

How can I remove another email address?
Click on your Settings menu. From the menu dropdown, select Email Accounts. Click on Profile > Email Address. Choose a secondary email address, then click”Delete” ( ). The email address you used for your secondary will be deleted.

How can I change my email address to another in Gmail?
Open your Google Account. You may need to be logged in. Select your personal details beneath “Personal info.” Choose the option to email on the menu drop-down. Advanced mode is mandatory. Choose Add Alternate email in the middle of “Alternate emails.” Create an email address you own and select to add it.

Are there multiple addresses for my email in the account I have with Google Account?
You are able to set up as many accounts as you’d like and Gmail allows you to join multiple accounts simultaneously. You can sign in to multiple Google accounts simultaneously if you have more than one Google Account. In this way, you are able to move between different accounts without the need to sign out of your account and log back to sign in.

How do I remove other usernames from Gmail?
Visit your primary Gmail page and sign in. Choose “Account” from the drop-down arrow beside your profile picture. Click “Edit,” then “Remove” in the event that it is necessary to delete your alternate email address which you’ll use as your primary username.

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