How to unlink ea account from xbox

Top Answer: How to unlink EA account from Xbox

  • Open the Settings app on your Xbox One.
  • Select EA Account under Accounts.
  • Select Unlink under EA Account.
  • Click Unlink and enter your EA account password and email address.

How to Unlink EA Account to APEX LEGENDS on PS4, PS5, Xbox or STEAM (SIGN OUT Method)

Why can’t I unlink my EA account from Xbox?

Why can’t my EA account be unlinked from Xbox?
You might not be allowed to unlink your Xbox One account with EA. There may be several reasons. Make sure you are using the latest Xbox One app. Also, ensure that your EA account has been linked to your Microsoft account. For assistance, contact EA support if you are still having problems.

How can I delete my Xbox One EA account?
First, open the Xbox app and sign into your EA account to delete it. Select My Games & Apps and then choose EA Account. Select Delete EA Account at the top of your screen. After you confirm your decision, you will be asked. You cannot recreate an account after you have deleted it.

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How can I transfer my Xbox account from an old EA Account to a new one?
Log in to your EA Account.
Under Account Details, select Games and Apps.
Select Xbox Live from the Games and Apps section on the right hand.
Select Settings from the right-hand menu under Xbox Live.

How can I find out which EA account is connected to my Xbox?
Open the Xbox One Settings app, and click Accounts to find which EA account is connected to your Xbox. You’ll then see all active EA accounts under Your Account.

How do I delete my EA account?
EA customer support can help you delete your EA account. You cannot delete your account by yourself.

How can I modify my FIFA 20 Xbox EA account?
These steps will allow you to change your FIFA 20 Xbox EA account.
Open the Xbox Guide, and choose My Games & Apps.
Select FIFA 20 from the Your Game Library section.
Click the top-right corner of the screen to select your EA account name.
Scroll to the bottom and select Change Account.
Enter your new password and account name, then click OK to confirm.

Which EA account is connected to my FIFA?
Xbox Live accounts can be linked to EA Sports accounts.

How do I merge EA accounts?
These steps will allow you to merge EA accounts:
At the top-right corner of the screen, click the My Account button to access your account. In the menu bar, click Account Settings. Select the “Merge Accounts” option from the left-hand menu of the Account Settings page.

Is it possible to link multiple Xbox accounts to an EA account?
Yes, you can link multiple Xbox accounts to an EA account.

How do I change my EA account?
To change your EA account, click the “Change your EA Account” link on You can then enter your login information, and choose a new account type.

What happens if my EA account is unlinked?
All progress and unlocked content will be lost permanently if you disconnect your EA account. EA accounts are required to be linked. You won’t be able to play the game with any other person.

How can I change my EA email address?
Go to your Account Settings page, click on the Email Address link at the top and change your EA account email. You have two options: you can enter a new address or keep your current one.

Can you delete your Origin account?
Origin is a digital distribution platform that distributes video games and other media. Origin’s account management interface allows you to delete accounts.

How can you modify your FIFA 22 account?
Sign in to change your FIFA 22 account. Click the main menu and click “My Profile”, then “Account Settings”. On the “Account Settings”, page, choose the “Profile tab” and enter your new username. After you have updated your profile, click the “Games” button on the main menu to start playing.

How can I locate linked accounts in Microsoft?
There are several ways that you can find linked accounts with Microsoft. You can use the “Linked Accounts” feature of the Microsoft Account portal. To access this feature, visit and click on “Linked Accounts.” Another option is to use the “Find and Connect With Your Friends” feature in the Microsoft Account. This feature can be found by going to

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