Their usual life span is one week. They die after mating and laying eggs. When moths turn into butterflies they don’t eat ever till they die because they don’t have mouths.

The main reason for their existence is to breed and die. In this article will detail guide about how to tell if a luna moth is dying.

Luna moth range map

The Luna moth is a group member of giant silk moths. It is a type of insect mostly found in North America and around its regions.



The yellow marks on its wings are called eye spots.

  • It has a white body with lime-green-colored wings. It has a brownish head.
  •  Its width is about 4 to 5 inches when the wings are spread. They don’t have a mouth to eat or a digestive tract to digest. Its cocoon is thin and silken.
  • Luna moths are not stingy because they don’t have the areas that are required for stinging.
  • Moths are highly attracted to light.

Moth cravings

Moth cravings

Luna moth caterpillars eat constantly.

  • These moths consume more food than any other moth. They start their journey starving for food. 
  • They eat the leaves of the nut trees, black ass trees, alligator trees, and canoe birch trees. Walnut leaves are their favorite to Feed on. These are their prime source of nutrition.
  •  After a month of relying on plants moths build a cocoon.
  • The caterpillar lives in the cocoon for 3 weeks and then comes out as a moth.

Life span

Life span

Luna moths live for about a week.

  • The life period of these moths is 7 to 10 days. After they mate or lay eggs they die. 
  • The female lays 600 or more eggs on the back side of the leaves. In 8 to 13 days these eggs brood.
  • They glue the eggs so that they can stick at the back of the leave before their death.
  • The males die earlier than females because the females have to lay eggs.

Mating process

  • They mate and lay eggs at the last stage of their life.
  • This process starts after midnight. The male flies toward the female after detecting the pheromones smell released by the females with its antennas.


  • Their process of death is very interesting. When moths turn into butterflies they don’t eat ever till they die because they don’t have mouths.
  • The main reason for their existence is to breed and die.
  • After the death of luna moths, their cocoon resembles green leaves because of their green-colored wings.

Moths play dead:

  • Not all moths abandon. At the end stages of their life, they don’t have enough energy to move so they stand still in a place. It mostly happens after mating or laying eggs.
  • For example, Tiger moths curl up and make as if they are dead under definite occurrence.


Do moths drink water?
Most of the months like luna months cannot eat or drink water but some can either consume nectar.

Do moths feel pain?
Moths don’t have pain receptors so they cannot feel pain but they can be exhausted from some unusual events happening around them.

How can you keep a moth cocoon alive?
You can keep them alive by placing them in humid areas.

Can I move a luna moth cocoon?
Yes! You can move a luna moth cocoon but the condition is to place them in a humid area.

How rare is it to see a luna moth?
It is very rare to see it because of its shorter lifespan.

What are luna moths attracted to?
Luna moths are not as attracted to anything but light.

How long can a moth live without food?
Moths commonly survive for one week or a bit more than that.

How long does it take for a luna moth to become a butterfly?
Before turning into a butterfly they take about four to five weeks.

What is the average lifespan of a moth?
The average lifespan of a moth is about 2 to 3 weeks.

Why is not the moth moving?
The moth may not be moving because it is at the end stage of its life or may not have enough energy to move.

Can you touch a luna moth?
Yes! You can touch a luna moth but they are very sensitive so it’s better not to touch them.

What does a dead luna moths cocoon look like?
It looks like a leaf because of the green wings of the moth.

How do you save a dying moth?
You may not save the because it is its mortality period.

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