How to Share Jazz balance to Jazz Code

how to share jazz balance


how to share jazz balance process is an appropriate and reliable solution that permits customers to split the amount in the range of Rs.15 all the way to Rs.500. Are you not sure what you can do to achieve this? 

Following this step-by-step tutorial, The detail of your Jazz balance share is easy.


Use the dial format as follows The format is: *100*Jazz No *Amount in Rupee#


  1. The person must have a current Jazz or Warid number.
  2. Open call pad on the phone and dial.
  3. Use the format *100*Jazz Number*Amount In Rupees#. In this case, you would like to give Rs.100 to 03007894563. Then *100*03007894563*100#.
  4. You will get Text confirmation, then press 1.
  5. The cost for this service is the amount of Rs. 4.77 plus tax/transaction when you use this service.
  6. The amount you pay for your transfer should be between 15 and 500 rupees.
how to share jazz balance
how to share jazz balance


How to share balance from jazz to jazz


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Jazz offers its prepaid customers to share their credit with family members and friends during moments of need. It is essential to be aware this feature is only allowed and is only valid for the two Jazz customers. This feature is extremely beneficial in times of emergency. It’s never too late to determine if this feature could save someone’s life.



In short, if are  Jazz user, then you can transfer your balance to the number you want to use, which is any Jazz or Warid number using the format for dials *100*Jazz Number*Amount In Rupees#. Additionally, if you enjoy or would like to share your note, use the comment section.



Can Jazz User transfer balance to Warid users?

Yes, Now Jazz and Warid are both part of the same company. You can also share.


What are the minimum and maximum amounts I contribute?

You can split between 15 and 500 Rupees.


How can I share the balance of Jazz to Jazz?

The method of the dial is *100*Jazz No *Amount of Rupees#.

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