How to see who liked your tiktok


Top Answer: How to see who liked your TikTok

  • You can find out who liked the comment on TikTok by visiting the profile of the comment and then clicking the “Liked” button.

How to See or Know Who liked Your Comment On Tik Tok

How To View Who Has Liked Your TikTok Videos

Are you able to see those who commented on other people’s posts on TikTok?
You can find those who have liked comments of other users on TikTok. This is accomplished by looking through”Likes. “Likes” section of a comment.

How can you view all the comments that have been liked on TikTok?
There’s a section for comments for most videos on TikTok users can leave comments and likes. Likes on a comment usually make it more visible to other users and may make the commenter be more engaged with the content.

Is it possible to see if you would be interested in a comment on their blog?
The comments aren’t accessible to the public.

My TikTok video doesn’t show who liked it?
If using the TikTok app then go on to the “Video” tab and select “Liked Videos.” If you’re using the YouTube app navigate to the “Liked” tab and select the video.

Can you see who has viewed your video on TikTok?
It’s not true, TikTok doesn’t track viewers who watched your video.

What happens if you love but don’t like the same comment?
If you don’t like or dislike comments, the comment will be removed from your profile, and you won’t be visible under the section for comments on any posts you post.

When you are awed by comments?
There are several events that may occur when you comment on your post. The first is that the person who posted the comment will receive a notice that they’ve enjoyed the post. If the post is public that is followed by anyone else the person who posted the comment will see the comment. If you’re the person who wrote your comment, then you’ll receive a “You liked this” notification in the upper right corner of the comments box.

What exactly does it mean when someone is happy with your comment?
In general, when someone appreciates your post, they will find it useful and enjoy it.

How can you monitor someone’s remarks on TikTok?
There are many ways to monitor the comments of a user on TikTok. One method is to visit their profile, then click the “Comments” tab. Another method is to visit their most recent video and then click on the “Comments” tab.

How can you locate someone’s remarks on TikTok?
There are a variety of ways to locate the comments of someone on TikTok. One option is to open their profile and search in their “Comments” section. Another method is to visit the “History” section of their profile and check whether there are any recent comments that have been posted.

How do I view my TikTok history?
To look through your TikTok history To view your history, launch the app and click on the three lines located in the upper left corner. In the section called “History,” you’ll see every video you’ve uploaded and its timestamps.

How come I can’t see my friends’ comments on TikTok?
There are several reasons you might not see your friends posting comments on TikTok. First, ensure that you’re following the correct users. If you’re unsure which friends you have on TikTok then go and click on the “People” tab and tap on their names. Make sure that they’re posting in the correct area. Thirdly, you can Try restarting your app when it’s been a while since the last time you utilized it.

Is liking pictures flirting?
There isn’t a definitive answer to this question since it is largely dependent on the individual and their own personal notion of what flirting means. Certain people might view liking photos as a sign that they are attracted to a person, while others consider it a fun leisure activity. It is ultimately the individual’s responsibility to decide if liking photos are considered to be flirting.

How can I tell the people who commented on my post on Instagram?
Instagram does not reveal the names of commenters to the general public.

What happens if the comment you made is highlighted?
If your post is highlighted, this means that moderators have decided that it is unsuitable to the group and therefore needs to be deleted.

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