how to remove family link without parent

Top Answer: How to remove family link without parent

  • Start and open the ” Family Link app”.
  • Click on ” menu bars”.
  • Select ” Remove Account”.
  • Then, on the following screen Select the next screen, and then select account again. On the next screen, input the password for your Gmail password to delete Family Link from your child’s device. You’ll be required to fill in the password for your Gmail login password for the authorization.

How To Remove Family Link/ Parental Control From Google Account

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The issue isn’t just that my parents control me as well, they also use Google services such as “Family Link” which enables them to monitor every online activity I make with the help of my Android mobile (though they claim it’s to protect me). When I bought a brand new laptop a few months ago, I initially disabled the family link open so that they could keep an eye on me even when at home – in order to not disrupt their routine. However, now that I’m studying abroad; it appears that this could be another example of how the parents of my children are exerting pressure to keep an unnatural level in control of me.

If I do not address this matter and don’t go home, they’ll be able to access the bank account I have, and attempt to locate me on social media or even by paying someone here to locate me (your parents pay for that on your behalf?) … therefore, even though the internet should be “anonymous” it’s actually not in actual fact, especially when your parents keep an eye on all your activities.

My question is: Is there a way to completely get rid of the family link or Google services after they’ve been activated? Do I have the ability to access them again in the future if I need to? Are there any software or hacks that will swiftly erase all evidence of my phone’s activities? Or am I going to be forced to ignore their calls, or make up stories about it, and continue to use the device like it’s an ordinary android?

Additionally, what other technology solutions could be offered which don’t provide Google service (i.e. for searches) but still offer the same functionality, namely offering banking online via mobile and other services.? I’m hoping to pay less than $200, so even if the products aren’t available in stores, they’ll still be able to deliver these products to the US (to the area where I’m living).

How do you get rid of family ties?
I’m in the same spot and really want to end this but I’m not able to find any solution that works yet.  Google Play Services kept reinstalling the app on my phone, even after factory resetting & disabling/uninstalling updates via ADB; even though my parents use Google services exclusively – email, calendar, and anything else linked to Gmail or other Google apps. Make sure you turn off your auto update feature before following this website’s solutions!  

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