how to remove a google account

Tested Answer: How to remove a google account

  • Sign out all accounts.
  • When you visit Google, it will ask users to login, in and then select one of their accounts.
  • Below is the option of adding an account or deleting an account.
  • Click Remove Account, then click the red (+) to take down the account you do not wish to have listed anymore.

how to remove Gmail account from phone(PC, Browser, Android)

How to remove saved Gmail account from the computer

How do I unblock the Google user account in Chrome?
To deactivate the Google accounts from Chrome Go to Settings and then click Users. After that, click the “Sign out of all Google services” button.

How can I delete the Google user from my Windows 10 laptop?
To delete a Google account from the computer running Windows 10 laptop, you have to navigate into Settings, Accounts and Your Account. Click next to the Google account you wish to remove and choose to remove it.

How can you get rid of the account from your Google account?
To deactivate the Google account, visit your Google Account Manager website and click the “Remove Account” or “Remove Account” button. It will prompt you for your password, and then confirm that you are ready to deactivate your account.

How can I remove an email from my personal computer?
To remove your email account on your computer, you’ll have to navigate to your “Mail” folder on your PC and then select the account you want to delete. Then, click “Accounts” in the top right-hand corner and then click “Delete Account.

How do I delete a Gmail acct?
You can erase the Gmail account by going to Google Account Settings. To erase a Gmail account, sign in to the Gmail account and then click the gear icon located in the upper right corner. Select “Settings” and then scroll down until “Delete your account or services”. Hit the red icon that reads “Delete my account.

How can I delete the device from my Gmail account?
To take a device off the Gmail account, you’ll be required to navigate to the “My Devices” section of your account. Click on the device that you wish to get rid of and select “Delete.” You will receive an acknowledgment message. After that, click “Delete” again and it will be deleted from your accounts.

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