how to pin a comment on instagram

Top Answer: How to pin a comment on instagram

  • For a comment to be pinnable to Instagram Live, first open the comment you wish to pin.
  • Then press long-press on that comment till a menu appears up.¬†Choose “Pin Comment.”
  • The comment will be added to on top of the comment section.

How to Pin a Comment on Instagram Live | Do It Yourself

How To Pin An Instagram Live Comment | Easy Guide For Beginners (2022)

Are comments pinnable in Instagram live?
Yes, you can pin your comment posts to Instagram live. To do that, press the comment that you wish to pin, then select”Pin Comment” from the menu “Pin Comment” option in the menu.

When do you save your Instagram comment?
When you pin a post and it is pinned too high in your discussion to ensure that it’s visible. This is a great method to draw attention to comments you wish to highlight or keep on track of.

What does it mean when a comment gets pinned?
When a comment gets pinned it is the first comment to be added to the thread and appears in the upper right corner of comments. Comment pins are also displayed in yellow.

Does pinning a comment alert them?
If you pin a post, it informs the person who posted it.

What does “pinned” mean what does pinned mean on Instagram live?
If you “pin” someone on Instagram Live, it signifies that their post will be at the front of the list, so that more people can view it.

The number of comments you are able to have on Instagram live?
You can save at least 10 comments to Instagram live.

Does Instagram inform you when you depin an unpinned comment?
Sure, Instagram is notified when you remove a post.

Who can pin comments to Instagram?
Only verified accounts are able to pin comments to Instagram. This allows Instagram to make sure that only reliable sources are allowed to voice their opinions regarding Instagram posts.

What is the meaning of pinned in slang?
Pinned usually refers to the fact that a person or object is secured to its place. Slang-wise the term can be used to refer to an individual who is drawn to someone else and has feelings for them.

What do you know to tell whether your comment has been pinged?
You will know if your comment is pinned by the presence of an inscription in gold on top of it that reads “Pinned.” It is only the author of your comment that is able to pin the post and the comment that is pinned will always appear at the very top of the comment section.

Why are my comments not appear on Instagram live?
There are a variety of possible reasons your comments might not be displayed in the Instagram live video. The most likely reason is that the user in charge of streaming has disabled comments. A different possibility could be that it could be too many background noises so that your comment cannot be heard. In addition, if the YouTube video is longer than 24 hours older, the comments could be disabled because of excessive spam.

How can you make comments on Instagram Live 2021?
To leave a comment on an Instagram Live video in 2021 You’ll be required first follow the person. After you’ve been following them, tap the comment button at the bottom of the screen to compose your message. If you’d like to add the heart or any other reaction you can simply hold and tap on the box for commenting and choose the reaction you’d like to add.

What is the process for Instagram live chats to work?
If someone broadcasts live on Instagram the followers will get real-time feedback and comments from those that are viewing the live broadcast. To post a comment users have to click the Comment button at the lower right on the page. You can type in the information they’d like to say and then their message will be displayed on the feed of all viewers who are watching the show.

Do all comments appear on Instagram live?
Not all comments are displayed on Instagram live. Comments made during life will appear on the screen, however, those comments posted after life is over won’t be displayed.

How can you tell whether someone is on Instagram?
There are several ways to determine the difference if someone has a restricted status on Instagram. If you aren’t able to view their posts in your feed, or if they don’t have access to any of your content, or only view your posts in the event that they’ve been authorized by the account owner, they’ve put you restricted.

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