how to log out of genshin impact on ps4

Top Answer: How to log out of genshin impact on ps4

  • To exit Genshin Impact on your PlayStation 4 simply press your controller’s power button, then choose “Exit.

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How to unlink/delete Genshin Impact account on PS4/PS5 (UPDATE)

How can I switch Accounts to Genshin PS4?
To change accounts to Genshin PS4, first sign to your account. In the menu at top, choose “Account Management.” On the “Account Management” page, click”Accounts.” Then click the “Accounts” tab. Choose the account you would like to switch to, and then click on the “Switch Account” button.

How do I remove my Genshin Impact account on PS4?
To remove your Genshin Impact account from PS4 take these steps:
Log into Your PS4 account.
Choose “Account Management” from the main menu.
Choose “Genshin Impact” from the “Activities” tab.
Choose “Unlink Account” from the menu that pops up.

Can you log out of Genshin Impact?
Yes, you are able to sign out of Genshin Impact by clicking the “Log Out” button on the top right-hand edge of the screen.

How can I switch account details for Genshin Impact?
To make changes to your account with Genshin Impact, please follow these steps:
Log into your account through Genshin Impact.
At the top of the page, click “Profile”.
In the section called “Account Details,” click the “Change Account” link next to your current account’s name.
Follow the steps displayed on the screen either create an account now or log in to an existing one.

How do I sign in to an additional Genshin account?
Using your email address and password, you can log into another Genshin account at

Is it possible to Transfer PS4 Genshin Impact to another PS4 account?
Unfortunately, you are not able to move PS4 Genshin Impact to another PS4 account.

What is the process for deleting your PS4 account?
|To remove your account from PS4 First, sign into your account and click “Account Management” from the main menu.   Select “Delete Account” under “Account Information.” Your account will be deleted once you confirm the deletion.  

How can I delink an account on a PSN account?
To delink the account on your PSN account, visit your “Account” menu in the PlayStation(r)Store Select “Link Accounts,” and then select “Unlink Account.

How do I log in to miHoYo using PS4?
To access miHoYo on PS4 To sign in to miHoYo on PS4, you’ll need to create an account. After you have created your account, you’ll be required to log in using your email address as well as a password.

Do you have the ability to connect Genshin Impact mobile to PS4?
Unfortunately, Genshin Impact mobile does not support the current link with PlayStation 4.

Is Paimon a guy?
There is no clear answer to this issue since it’s up to interpretation. There are those who consider the belief that Paimon is a man and others believe the spirit of Paimon is female. It is ultimately entirely up to each person to choose what they believe.

Do I have the ability to play games with my PC Genshin accounts on PS4?
Unfortunately, no. Genshin is a game that can only be played online and can’t be played on an actual console.

How do I log off to all the accounts I have on Genshin?
Genshin offers a single sign-out button for all your accounts. To close all of your accounts, just click the “Logout” “Logout” button in the upper right-hand corner of the home page.

Are you able to have 2 Genshin accounts on PS4?
Yes, there are two Genshin Accounts on PS4.

Do I have the option of merging 2 Genshin Impact accounts?
Yes, you can join 2 Genshin Impact accounts. To achieve this, you’ll have to get in touch with Genshin Impact support and provide the details of your account. They will then join the accounts for you.

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