how to hide subscriptions on iphone

Top Answer: How to hide subscriptions on iPhone

  • To block your subscriptions from your iPhone start by opening your “Settings” app and scroll down to “iTunes & App Store”.
  • Click the button “Subscriptions” and then toggle off any subscriptions aren’t you want to display in your profile.

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How can I hide expired subscriptions from my iPhone?
If you’d like to conceal expired subscriptions from your iPhone There’s an option to do so. To block expired subscriptions, start your “Settings” app and tap on “iTunes & App Store”. Scroll down, and then tap “Manage Subscriptions”. Select the subscription you wish to conceal and then turn on the “Show” switch to off.

Do you want to hide subscriptions to Apple?
You can indeed conceal your subscriptions on Apple. To do this, visit Settings and click on “iTunes & App Store.” Under “Subscriptions,” you can click on “Manage” and then toggle off the subscriptions you don’t wish users to view.

How can I hide my subscriptions?
There’s no universal answer to this question since the best method to hide your subscriptions is dependent on the software you’re running. But, some suggestions for hiding your subscriptions are to use private browsing or clearing your browser history once you’ve completed subscribing. Also, you can utilize an email provider that doesn’t display your subscriptions for example, like Gmail or tools such as Hushmail that lets you create anonymous email addresses.

What is the process for deleting my Apple purchase history?
To erase your purchase history from an Apple device: Open the Settings app
Tap on iTunes & App Store
Click to sign in with your Apple ID at the top of the screen
Tap on View Apple ID
Enter your password or enter Touch ID if enabled
Tap on Purchase History
Tap edit in the upper left corner
Click onto the circle in red that is next to every purchase you wish to remove
Tap Delete

How can I erase my purchase history from the iPhone 2021?
To erase your purchase history from the iPhone 2021, you’ll be required to log into your settings, then click on “iTunes & App Store.” There you’ll need to scroll to the bottom and click to “View Apple ID.” Once you’re inside, you’ll need to input your password, then go to”Purchase History. “Purchase History” section. Select “Delete All” and then confirm it by tapping “Delete.

Can you erase hidden purchases on your iPhone?
Yes, you are able to delete the hidden purchases from your iPhone. To do that, simply open the App Store and click on the Updates tab near the lower right on the page. Scroll down, and tap the purchased. Then, tap on the Not on This iPhone tab at the top of the screen. choose the app you wish to erase.

How can you delete permanently paid apps from your iPhone?
To delete an app permanently from your iPhone it is necessary to first remove it from your phone. To accomplish this, press and hold your app till it begins shaking. After that, tap the “X” in the top-left corner of the app. After the app has been deleted then you must go into your iTunes account to delete this app off your shopping list.

How can you make an app appear as if you’ve never even downloaded it?
There’s no best method to make an app appear like you haven’t downloaded it. Some options to consider include deletion of the app’s data and cache, reinstalling the application, or returning your device to original settings.

Are there any apps that allow you to conceal apps on your iPhone?
Yes, there are various apps you could utilize to hide other apps from your iPhone. One of them is AppHide Which lets you hide every app you have on your phone in just a few clicks.

How can you make your app purchases private?
There are several methods to make your purchases in-app private. For iOS devices you can head into Settings, General and Restrictions to disable In-App Purchases. You can also protect your password on your device by selecting Settings > Passcode Lock and creating an encryption password. For Android devices, visit Settings > Security and Location Services and then turn off Google Play Store.

What are the secret apps for iPhones?
There are numerous hidden applications available on the iPhone. These apps are able to keep your data and activities secure as they aren’t normally available on the App Store. These apps include Private Photo Vault, Hide videos and photos – KeepSafe as well as Secret Calculator.

Does your iPhone contain a secret folder?
There isn’t a secret folder available on the iPhone. You can however create an unnoticed folder by selecting Settings > General > Restrictions, and activating the option to enable “Hidden Apps.” This allows you to include any app in an unhidden folder which won’t show up on your home screen, or in your App Switcher.

How can I locate hidden applications in iPhone 2021?
To locate hidden apps for your iPhone First, launch your Settings app. Scroll down, and then tap “General.” Tap on “iPhone Storage” and then scroll to the bottom of the apps. Hidden apps will be displayed at the end of the list along with the storage capacity they use.

How do I hide my purchases on iCloud?
It is impossible to conceal purchases made on iCloud. Each purchase you make will be displayed on your account’s purchase record.

How can I hide photos and videos from my iPhone?
There are many methods to hide images and videos from your iPhone. One method is to place them into a folder and label the folder with a name that doesn’t reveal the contents. For instance, you could call your directory “Work” or “Personal.” Another option to protect videos and photos is using a password-protected program such as KeepSafe as well as Vaulty.

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