how to hide orders on amazon

Top Answer: How to hide orders on amazon

  • Amazon’s app was created to make it as simple as possible to buy items.
  • Click on “Your Orders” to hide an order.
  • Click on “Hide Order” and select the order that you wish to hide.

How To Hide Amazon Order History on App [Working Solution]

How To Delete Amazon Order History 2022

How can I archive my purchases from the Amazon app?
Log in to your account. Then, archive your purchase by clicking an archive option. You can click “Archive the Order” to make your choice. Choose “Archived orders” in the dropdown menu. If you’d like you could unarchive your orders at a later time. Begin by looking up your order history in Safari.

How can I hide an order from Amazon 2019 app?
Visit Amazon through either your iPhone or Android phone, and then launch the web browser.

How do I remove my order history from Amazon’s App? Amazon App?
Amazon won’t completely erase your purchase history, however, you can save the individual purchases. It’s more difficult for casual shoppers to discover what you bought. In your Account Settings Go to Your Orders and select Hide the Order.

What is that Archive button on the Amazon app?
The yellow button is located at the bottom-right corner of the list of items you wish to conceal. It will open an open window. To confirm the order, press Archive Order in the lower-right corner of the pop-up window. It’s located in the lower right part of the window.

Are all Amazon orders private?
It is our top priority to send every purchase in plain, discreet normal packaging. The items we send are packaged in a generic, unmarked package which does not reveal the contents. We hope this alleviates your privacy concerns.

Can Amazon customers from the household view the orders?
Amazon stated it was Amazon Household members are not able to access each other’s purchase history or order details However, there is the option of a “shared digital wallet” that permits simple book, show or other product purchases. Amazon FreeTime also has parental control options, which are useful.

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