How to Get Paystub From Walmart After Quitting

How to Get Paystub From Walmart After Quitting


Do you want to know how to get a pay stub from Walmart after quitting or How to Get Paystub From Walmart After Quitting? Walmart is one of the largest retail businesses in the United States that has provided business to unlimited employees.

If you have terminated work at Walmart and want to know how to get your paystub then this article will guide you fully.

Are you wondering how to access your terminated Walmart pay stub? We will guide you here on how to solve this problem in no time completely. Indeed, you can still access your Walmart pay stub after quitting this business.

How to Access Your Walmart Paystub?

How to Access Your Walmart Paystub

You can access your paycheck information online by going to the OneWalmart portal on its webpage. There are many places where you can get access to your Paystub information. You can use WalmartOne, the Paystub portal, or contact the HR department online.

Pay Stubs are generally given to employees by hand or sent by mail per day. So, the first thing is to check your mail portal to get your pay stub information online. If you do not find this information in your mail portal then you need to check the online Walmart Paystub Portal.

This online portal lets you get all information about your paychecks. You just need to log in to your account using your password and employee ID.

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How to Access your Walmart Pay Stub After Quitting?

If you have terminated your Walmart job and still want to access your pay stub, you can access it. In this process, the first thing is to check your mail where you can find your paystub per day. Go to your Walmart account and sign in to your account using your password and ID.

If Walmart is not giving access to your paychecks here, you can contact Walmart’s help service to solve this problem. They will help you to get all the information you need after quitting work at Walmart and provide you with all the information.

You can also request the HR department to provide your paycheck information when you call the 1-800-925-6278 helpline. If you are finding issues in signing in the procedure, you can also contact the Human resources department. Here is their email and contact number for your help:

Helpline number: 1-800-925-6278
Email address: Support Email

Other ways to Access Your Walmart Paystubs:

No doubt, Walmart is providing you complete access to your account for getting pay stubs. But, if you are finding an issue while getting paychecks, you have some other options also to retrieve your paychecks history. You can download the Walmart smartphone app to your android device and log in to your account via employee Id and password in no time.

It is the best and easiest way for android users who want to find the paycheck history of their Walmart job. You can also contact your co-worker who hired you at Walmart for a job to get your details after quitting work at Walmart. 

Use WalmartOne Portal to Access Walmart Paystubs:

Walmartone is an employee portal for workers that lets them get all details about their current account. In this portal, you will find your details, time cards, pay stubs, and other important information.

To use Walmartone, you need to visit its webpage and log in to your account using your employee id with a password. If you don’t have your password you can recover it or take help from the HR department to get access to your account. When you get a login, go to the My Money portal to view your paychecks and payroll information,

Use WalmartOne App to Access Walmart Paystubs:

You can also use the WalmartOne app on your android device to retrieve all your paystubs information in your hand. It is easier than opening the webpage of WalmartOne.

You can download this application named Me@Walmart on your smartphone for use. This application allows you to check your profits, and apply for other jobs online. It is the best opportunity for you to get all benefits in one application.

Check Your Mail to Access Walmart Paystubs:

Mail is another way, where you find details of your paychecks per day. You receive all information in the email you provided when you created your account. It is the responsibility of the company to send you to mail daily related to paychecks in your mail portal.

If you have changed your email address and did not update your account, you will not receive mail until you update your address. So if you change your email address, do not forget to update this address on your account.

How to Access Paystub When You Are at Work?

Most Walmart stores have offices for employees to get all details about their accounts on a computer screen. It makes it easier to get paystub details for the worker in stores. You can use the computer to get your wanted account details in front of you.

Go to your account and log in with your id and password to check the paystub portal on the screen. After checking the details, log out from your account instantly.


Walmart is the most trending retailer business in the United States and is easy to work with. All employees who work in Walmart stores get their paycheck details from their email addresses. They can also check their pay stub on the WalmartOne portal or download this application on their smartphone. 

If you have quit work at Walmart store, you can also get access to your pay stubs using several ways. You can use your mail, Walmartone portal, or application and get help from the HR department.


How can I get Walmart Paystub?

You can get your pay stub details using several ways such as mail, OneWalmart application online, and also get help from the payroll department.

Can I get access to my pay stub after my termination from Walmart?

Yes, you can get all your paycheck details even if you have terminated working at Walmart. Sign in to your account and get all wanted payroll details.

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