How to deleting match com account

Top Answer: How to deleting match com account

  • To erase Your Match account, visit the Settings page and then click “Delete Account” at the bottom of the page “Delete Account” link is located at the bottom of the page.

How To Delete Match account?

DELETE Your Match Account/Profile Permanently!

How can I permanently delete my account?
Follow these steps to permanently delete your account: account, follow these steps: Log into your account and then click “Settings”.
Scroll to the bottom and click “Delete Account”.
Password, then click “Delete Account” again.

How can I remove my Match account from my phone?
To remove your Match account from your phone, launch the app, then tap the menu icon (three lines at the top left-hand corner). Scroll down, and then tap Settings Then scroll further down and tap Delete Account. Click on Delete for confirmation.

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What’s the reason I can’t delete the Match profile I have?
You can’t erase your Match account due to the fact that you have an active subscription. If you’d like to cancel or cancel your membership, you are able to cancel it via your “My Account” page.

How do I erase my Match account from my iPhone?
To remove your Match account from your iPhone Start your Match app and then tap the Menu icon at the top left-hand corner. Scroll down until you reach Settings Then scroll to the bottom and tap to delete your Account. Tap Delete to confirm.

How do I get rid of my account for the 2022 Match?
To delete your 2022 Match account, please email us at da*** and let us know that you would like to delete your account. We’ll process your request and then delete your account as quickly as we can.

Can you stop Match at any time?
You can end Your Match account at any time. Simply go to the Settings page and then click the “Cancel Account” “Cancel Account” button.

Can I end my Match subscription earlier?
You can end Your Match subscription at any time.

What are my settings for my account on
The settings for your account are in the upper-right part in the upper right-hand corner. Click the gear icon and choose “Account Setting”. Then, you can change your profile information including email preferences, email address, and password.

How can I hide the profile I have on Match?
There isn’t an exact method of hiding your account on One method is to delete your account, however, it will also erase all messages and matches. You can also modify your settings to ensure your profile is not accessible to others. However, this also limits the ability to search for and be discovered by other users.

What happens if you close the Match?
If you decide to suspend the Match account, you’re basically putting it on a hold. This means that you won’t have access to your account or access any aspects of it. Furthermore, any messages you’ve sent won’t be delivered as well as any contacts you’ve added to your account will be deleted.

How long will your profile remain on
Your profile will remain on for as long as you are a paying member. If you choose to end your membership and your profile is removed, it will be removed from the website.

Why are people forced to remove their profiles on Match?
There is a myriad of reasons for someone to remove their profile from Perhaps they’ve had a meeting offline, and they’re no longer searching for dates online. Perhaps they’ve decided to stop dating altogether. Maybe they’ve experienced a negative experience on the website and don’t want to continue using it.

Do you know who has viewed your profile on Match?
You can view who has visited your profile through Match. You can also view those who have liked your profile of yours, posted a message to you, and who have liked your profile.

Does Match show profiles with inactive accounts?
It’s not true, Match does not show inactive profiles.

How can I remove the account that I created?
To deactivate the account on your Wild account, please contact and we’ll gladly assist you.

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