how to delete youtube channel on phone 2022

Top Answer: How to delete youtube channel

  1. Visit YouTube’s app and click on your profile photo in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. From there, click “Creator Studio”.
  3. Click on the three dots located in the upper right-hand corner of that screen.
  4. Select “Delete Channel.

How To Delete A YouTube Channel on Mobile 2022 – Delete Your Channel (Android & iPhone)

How to Delete YouTube Channel Permanently on Phone 2022 (Easy Way)

How do you delete a YouTube channel on a phone?
To remove the YouTube channel on a mobile it is possible to visit the YouTube account and scroll to the bottom where you’ll find “Delete Channel” or you could open the application on your phone and tap the profile icon at the top right corner. Then, you can tap “My Channel”. Then, tap “Delete Channel” at the lower right on the display.

How do you delete your channel on YouTube?
To remove YouTube channels Go to your account settings, and choose “Delete my account.

How can you remove YouTube channels on a mobile phone in 2022?
To deactivate the YouTube channel from mobile devices, first sign in to Your YouTube account. After logging in then press the 3 horizontal lines on the lower left-hand corner to open the menu. Scroll down, and tap “Creator Studio” then tap “Channel”. On the next screen scroll down until you find the option “Delete Channel”. Click this option and confirm it by pressing “OK” on the popup window.

How can I remove a YouTube channel, without having to sign in?
You can remove the YouTube channel you have created without logging in. YouTube channel without having to log into YouTube. Follow these steps: Go to and select the account tab.
Click on Delete my account and then click on delete my account.
Log in with your username and password, then confirm the deletion from your account.

How do I remove YouTube on my phone?
To remove the YouTube channel off your iPhone First, open your YouTube app. Then, tap the profile icon located on the upper-right edge of your screen. After that, tap “Delete Account” at the lower right corner of the display. Then, enter your password, and confirm it by pressing “Delete Account.

How can I remove my YouTube account from my phone in 2022?
To remove your YouTube account from your phone in 2022 You will need to log into your YouTube account, then navigate to “Account Settings” and then select “Delete Account.

How do I unblock the YouTube channel from my phone, without YouTube studio?
You can remove the YouTube channel from your phone, but without YouTube Studio by clicking the Delete Channel button in the Settings. If you own an existing YouTube channel you don’t want anymore it, you can remove it using these steps:
1.) Start YouTube on your smartphone.
2.) Click the hamburger menu in the upper left corner of the screen.
3) Select “Settings.”
4.) 4. Tap “Delete Channel” at the lower right on the screen.

How can I delete YouTube on my iPhone 2022?
Launch YouTube to your iPhone.
Click on the profile image in the upper right corner of the display.
Scroll to “Delete channel” and tap it.
Press “Delete channel” again to confirm.

How can I remove the content of a YouTube channel without an email address or password?
To deactivate the YouTube channel, first sign out of your account. After that, visit the page for account deletion and select “Remove my channel” on the right-hand left side. It will bring you to a different page, which will offer the option of deleting the YouTube account. After you select the option to delete your channel, you’ll then be required to enter your password. You’ll then confirm that you’d like to remove your account.

Do inactive YouTube channels get deleted?
Yes, YouTube channels that are not active will eventually be taken down.
Inactive YouTube channels may be removed if they don’t have new videos or subscriptions for a specified period of time. There are other instances in which YouTube channels are automatically removed in the event that a user’s account gets suspended because of a violation of the terms of Service.

How can you remove the YouTube video from a different account?
If you’re the account’s the owner, then you are able to erase any video that you have uploaded to your account, by clicking “Delete” under the video. You can also remove videos that were posted to your account by clicking on “My Videos” and clicking on the trash icon beside the video.

How can you remove videos from YouTube?
Youtube videos may be removed by following methods:
If you are on YouTube, on the YouTube website, choose the video you would like to delete, and click “Delete” in the menu that pops up.
On a PC, open the history of your browser and click on the “Clear browsing data” button at the top-right edge of the screen. Then, choose “on this site only” in the drop-down menu. Then press deletes again.

Do YouTube channels cease to exist?
YouTube channels aren’t expiring However, they could cease to be active. This signifies that the channel’s owner has not uploaded any content to the channel for longer than.

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