how to delete old instagram account without password or email

Top Answer: How to delete old Instagram account without password or email

  • To remove the Instagram account at the time of deletion without knowing your password you need to make contact with Instagram support.
  • It is possible to do this by contacting them via email at f2******524@7*** or by filling out the form on their website (

How To Delete Disable Instagram Account Without Password

How To Delete Instagram Account Without Password

How can I remove my previous Instagram account with no email address or password?
To erase the old Instagram account without an email address or password, you’ll need to get in touch with Instagram directly.

How can I erase my account on Instagram permanently, without a password?
To remove your account, head to the settings page, and then select “Delete Your Account. You will need to enter your password for confirmation

How many reports will it take to remove one’s Instagram account?
It is extremely difficult to remove the Instagram account. The user is able to make the request by contacting Instagram and requesting removal, however, they aren’t required to delete their account.

What happens if Instagram removes an account that is inactive?
Instagram has strict rules for accounts that are not active for longer than six months. If you don’t make any posts on your Instagram account for six months your account will be removed.

How much spam will it take to get deleted from Instagram?
It will take a large number of spam to completely remove Instagram. It’s a very popular social media site that has more than 700 million monthly active users. The site is part of Facebook.

Do we find out who I reported on Instagram?
The answer is not. Instagram doesn’t provide details about the person who reported an account.

How do I get rid of an account that is a false Instagram account?
You can remove an account that is false Instagram user account following the following steps
Log into an account belonging to the individual who made the fake account.
Click the “Settings” and then “Delete my Account.”
The password is entered for the account that you used to sign up.
You must confirm that you want to remove your existing account using “Yes I want to delete my account.

How many reports do you need to stop fake Instagram accounts on Instagram?
In order to get rid of an account that is fake on Instagram, You must prove of the fact that it is not genuine. This can be accomplished by taking a picture of the account’s owner’s personal details, such as their phone number and address.

What can I do to delete my fake profile?
To remove the fake account, sign into the account, then go to”Settings” and click on the “Settings” tab. Click on “Delete Account.

Could a fake Instagram account be tracked down?
Yes, but it does require quite a bit of work. Instagram posts can leave behind information that allows you to track the accounts to the source. This is due to the fact that Instagram posts aren’t similar to Facebook posts which only show up to users you share them with. They’re public and can be read by anyone on the internet.

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