how to delete hangout account

Top Answer: How to delete hangout account

  • Open the Hangouts App
  • Click Menu
  • Click the Down arrow next to your account.
  • Click Manage Accounts Google. 
  • Click More at the top right. You can delete your account.

How To Delete Hangouts Account

How to Delete Contacts in Hangouts App

What happens if Hangouts is deleted?
This app has no adverse effects on a rooted device and can be installed or removed at any time.

Is Hangout safe?
Hangouts can be used safely. Use Hangouts only to communicate with trusted friends and family members.

Can I delete the Hangouts app?
You can sign out or choose another messenger if you are unable to delete the Hangouts app.

How can I permanently delete Hangouts on my iPhone?
Locate the Hangouts application on your device. Hold the Hangouts icon down until it starts to wiggle. You can remove the Hangouts icon by clicking Remove in the upper left corner.

What happens if I delete Hangouts?
You can delete the Hangouts application from your phone and switch to another messaging app. You can reinstall Hangouts if you have accidentally removed it from your phone.

Is it possible to delete chats from Google Chat?
Hangout is a feature that’s already part of your Google account. If you have used it before, it can’t be removed without deleting the entire Google account. You can reduce the presence of Hangouts if you don’t wish to do this.

Are Hangouts safe?
Are Google Hangouts safe? Is it safe for me to use Google Hangouts Google Hangouts is safe to use. All communications using Google Hangouts are encrypted to protect your privacy and security. You are protected with all the communication options available on Google hangouts.

Can I safely remove hangouts?
If you have Google Hangouts installed on your Android device, you can remove it. If Google Hangouts was already installed on your Android device, you can uninstall it. However, it is not possible to remove it completely. If Google Hangouts is pre-installed on Android, it’s not possible to completely uninstall Google Hangouts.

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