How to delete flo app data


Top Answer: How to delete flo app data

  • To deactivate the Flo accounts, users have to sign in to your account, then navigate into “My Account” on the “My Account” page.
  • You’ll see an option that reads “Delete Account.”
  • Click the link, and follow the steps.

How to delete an account in Flo app?

How to cancel or deactivate Flo Subscription | Flo Period and Pregnancy Tracking app subscriptions

How to delete data off flo app?
Follow these steps to remove your Flo account: Log in to your account. Select the “Account Settings” “Account Settings” link in the menu bar located at the upper right of your page.
In the section “Account Details,” click on the “Deactivate My Account” button.
Follow the directions displayed on the screen to finish the process of deactivation.

How do I remove the contents of my Flo account and all my data?
To erase all data and accounts on your Flo account and associated data To delete your Flo account and data, follow these steps:
Log into the Flo account.
Select to click the “Your Account” link in the upper left corner of the homepage.
“My Account Settings” under “My Account Settings, “click the “Delete My Account” link.
Follow the directions displayed on the screen to finish the process of deletion.

Is it possible to reset your Flo account?
There is no way to reset your Flo account, unfortunately.

How can you reset your data on the Flo app?
To restore data on the Flo app, launch the app, and tap the three lines that are in the upper left corner. Then tap on “Settings” and “Reset Data.

Do I have to remove the account from my time tracker?
There isn’t an answer that is universally applicable to this question, since the decision on whether or not to remove an account will depend on the person. But generally speaking, it is recommended to remove an account when it’s no longer being used or is not providing any worth.

How can I unsubscribe from my Flo period application on my iPhone?
To end your Flo period app on your iPhone launch the app and select “Cancel My Period.” You’ll then be asked to confirm the cancellation.

Is Flo selling my information?
Yes, Flo is not selling your personal information.

How do I cancel Flo health?
To cancel the account of your Flo healthcare account contact (855) 992-6886 between 7 a.m. until 11 p.m. Eastern Standard Time and (866) 992-6886 from 12:00 a.m. until 7 p.m. PST.

Can I utilize Flo without having a subscription?
Yes, you can utilize Flo without the need for a subscription. Visit to sign up for a free trial

How can I change the email I use on Flo?
To alter the email you use on Flo it is necessary to log in to your account and go through your “My Account” page. From there you’ll be able to choose “Settings” and then “Email.” Then, input an email address that you want to change in the appropriate box and select “Save Changes.

How can I sync my Flo app with another phone?
To transfer your Flo app to another device first, make sure that you have the identical version of Flo that is installed for both devices. In your Flo app, click the Settings menu and then select Sync Flo. On the other phone, go to the Settings menu, then select Add Account. Input your Flo account details and then press Next. Next, choose your Flo application from the app list and then press Finish.

Who is the owner of this app Flo?
Flo is a smartphone app that is owned by Flo Media, LLC.

Have you had any experience with pregnancy using the Flo app?
Yes, there have been instances when people have been pregnant with an app called the Flo app. However, it’s not a guaranteed method for becoming pregnant. Conception can also be influenced by many other factors.

Do you have the ability to record miscarriages on Flo?
Unfortunately, Flo does not currently offer a feature for logging miscarriages. If you’d like to talk with someone from our staff on miscarriage assistance alternatives, they’re ready to assist!

How precise can Flo be?
There isn’t a single absolute answer to this issue. Certain users think that Flo is extremely accurate however, others think that it’s not as precise as other systems for tracking. In the end, the quality of a tracking system is contingent on several variables, including the kind of system used to track and the quality of the data gathered from the device, as well as how well the system has been properly calibrated.

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