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Top Answer: How to delete apple id

  • On a Mac, open iTunes. Select Store > View Account.
  • Enter your password. Go to manage Devices Under iTunes on the Cloud.
  • Select Remove for each gadget that is associated with your account.
  • Click Done. Choose Store > Deauthorize This Computer.

How to Change Apple ID on Mac (2022)

How to DELETE Your Apple ID for Good!

How do I get rid of the Apple ID from my Macbook?
You can delete your Apple ID from your Macbook by accessing the Apple menu and choosing “System Preferences” and then clicking on “Users & Groups.” After that, you can select the name of your account and then click the “Action “Action” button. After that, click on”Remove Account” and click on the “Remove Account” button.

How do I permanently remove my Apple ID from my computer?
To remove the Apple ID from your computer it is necessary to visit the Apple ID management page. In this section, you’ll be able to select “Delete Account” and then confirm your choice.

What happens if you erase the account on your Apple ID?
If you remove the Apple ID, all of the data associated with that account are deleted from all your devices. This includes preferences, settings applications music and movies, TV shows books, photos, and everything else you downloaded or purchased.

Can I erase my Apple ID and make a new one using an identical email?
Yes, you can erase the Apple ID and create a new one. But, it’s not recommended since you’ll lose all data linked to the account such as pictures, purchases, messages and contacts, among others.

How can I remove the Apple ID from my Mac without the need for a password?
The best method of deleting your Apple ID without a password is to utilize Terminal. It is possible to open Terminal by clicking applications > utilities > Terminal. Once you’ve opened Terminal you can type in the following command: Sudo dscl . -delete /Users/
After you have completed the command, you need to enter the admin password for your Mac and hit Enter.

How can I get rid of my previous Apple ID password?
If you have your older Apple ID password, you can reset your password following the steps listed below:
1) Visit   Fill in your Apple ID’s email address.  
2.) Then click “Get Started”.” You will be asked for you password for your current Apple ID password and answer the security question.
3.) Create your new password, confirm it, then click “Continue.

What can I do to change the Apple ID associated with my Mac?
It is important to note that the Apple ID associated with your Mac is identical to the ID you have to access the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.
If you want to change your Apple ID associated with your Mac To change the Apple ID associated with your Mac, you’ll have to sign out from iCloud and then sign back into it. Then, you’ll be prompted to sign in using another Apple ID.

What is the best way to reset my Macbook Pro without Apple ID?
The easiest way to reset the password on a Macbook Pro without an Apple ID is to take it out from the drive, and then connect to another computer. This will enable you to reset your Mac using a fresh password.

Can you reset the factory settings of a MacBook without an Apple ID and password?
Yes, you can reset the factory settings of the MacBook without using the Apple ID and password. There are two methods to accomplish this:
You can boot into Recovery Mode by holding the Command + R keys during booting up. Go to the list of choices and choose Disk Utility. Choose your hard drive on the right column. Click on erase in the upper menu bar, then choose Mac OS Extended (Journaled) from the Format menu bar.

How do reset the settings on a MacBook Pro back to factory settings?
You can reset the settings of a MacBook Pro to factory settings using these steps:
Turn off your MacBook and unplug the power adapter.
Hold and press on the command () plus Options () + R and P keys simultaneously.
Let go of all the three buttons as you notice an Apple logo appearing on the screen.

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