how to delete an gmail email address

Top Answer: How to delete an gmail email address

Top Answer: How to delete an gmail email address

  • Log in to the account that you wish to delete.
  • To access your account, go to
  • Select “Delete your account and services” from the Account Preferences section.
  • Click “Delete Google Account data and accounts”
  • Confirm that it is your account.¬†Continue the rest of this process.

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how to remove gmail account from gmail app

What is the process for deleting an email address from Gmail?
Open Settings > Accounts and Import > Add another phone number or email > add the second address. Then, go back to settings and delete the old ones. So that there is less confusion over which inbox to send a reply from, you will now get all your emails.

How can I delete another email address from Gmail?
Go to to access the settings for your Google Account. Click on “Your personal information” and click on “Email” to open the Google Account Settings page at

What is the process for deleting another email address?
Choose Settings from the menu. In the drop-down box, select Email Accounts. Navigate to Profile > Email Address. Select a second email address by clicking the delete button ( ). That will remove the second address from your account.

How can I change my Gmail alternate email address?
Open your Google Account. Sign-in may be required. Select your personal information under “Personal Info.” Then, choose Email from the drop-down menu. Advanced mode is required. select “Alternate email” and click Add.

Is it possible to have multiple email addresses on my Google Account
You can create as many accounts you like. Gmail makes it easy to sign in to multiple accounts simultaneously. If you have multiple Google Accounts, you can sign in to them all simultaneously. You can switch between accounts by logging out and back into your Google Accounts without needing to log in again.

How can I delete other usernames in Gmail?
Log in to your main Gmail page. Click “Account” in the drop-down menu next to your profile photo, then click “Edit” and “Remove” to remove your secondary email address.

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