how to delete all text messages on iphone

Top Answer: How to delete all text messages on iPhone

  • If you own an iPhone You can clear all messages by selecting Settings > Messages, and then scrolling down to the end on the screen.
  • You’ll find the option to delete all messages.

How To Delete iMessages And Text Messages On iPhone

How to Delete all Text Messages from iPhone – Save Storage

How can I remove all my messages at one time?
There are a variety of methods to erase all messages simultaneously on an iPhone. One method is to enter your settings, go until “messages” and then hit “delete all messages.” Another method is to launch the messages app and swipe left on each message until all messages are gone.

Can you mass delete text messages?
Yes, you can delete mass messages in text on both Android as well as iPhone. For Android start the Messages app and then tap the menu icon in the upper left corner. Select Delete messages, and choose the number of messages to remove. On iPhone, you can open the Messages app, then move your finger left over a text message until you see the delete button. Tap Delete to erase several messages at a time.

How do you erase all messages in text on your iPhone?
There are many methods to delete all messages in text on iPhone. One method is to delete all your messages at once by opening Settings > Messages, scrolling down to the bottom of the page and then tapping the button that says Delete All Messages. Another option is to choose the messages you want to erase by sliding left on each message and pressing the delete button that pops up. It is also possible to use an alternative method to use the Siri commands to erase all messages. You can say “Delete ALL messages.

How do you erase all text messages from Android?
To erase all text messages for Android and to delete all text messages on Android, follow these steps: Open the app Messages.
Tap the three dots located on the upper-right edge of your screen.
Tap Clear all messages.
Tap Delete again to confirm.

How can I erase messages in the text?
To erase messages from the text on an iPhone Open the Messages app, then swipe left on the message you wish to erase. Select “Delete” and then confirm your decision.

How do you filter the text messages that are available on your iPhone?
To view all text messages stored on an iPhone you have the option of:
Move your finger left to select all messages that are in your inbox or
Use keystrokes like Command+A (Mac) (Mac) or the keyboard shortcut Control+A (Windows) for selecting all the text available in your Messages app. Use the keyboard shortcut Command+A or Control+A to select all of the text.

What’s the quickest way to erase messages from your iPhone?
If you’re looking to erase messages from your iPhone quickly You can do this by using”Delete All. “Delete All” function. It will erase all your messages at once. Alternately, swipe left on a message, then press”Delete. “Delete” button to delete each message.

How do you delete your text history from Samsung?
To erase your text history on the Samsung phone, launch the Messages application and then click the three dots in the upper-right corner. Select “Delete messages” and choose the amount of time you wish to erase messages.

Can you delete permanently text messages on Android?
Yes, you can delete permanently messages sent to you via Android. In order to do that, simply open your Messages app and then select the conversation you wish to erase. Click the three dots located in the upper right corner and choose deletion of the conversation.

What’s the reason I can’t erase messages in the text?
It isn’t possible to delete messages sent to your mobile device due to several reasons. First, deleting text messages could erase important information that is required to work on or for other reasons. Furthermore, deleted texts could be recovered by someone who is aware of what they’re doing, and they may become evidence against you during a court case or in any other circumstance. Additionally, deleted messages can be a huge waste of storage space in your smartphone, which is why it’s better to simply delete them rather than archive them.

How do I select the multiple text messages to erase?
If you wish to erase several text messages You can do it by choosing each one at a moment or by selecting all simultaneously. To select them at a single time, hold and tap on the message you wish to erase until a tiny menu appears. Then, tap Delete. To view all messages at once, press the menu button (three lines on the upper-right edge) and then choose the option to select All.

Where do deleted text messages where do deleted text messages?
The deleted messages are placed in the “deleted messages” folder on your phone. Based on your phone’s settings, deleted messages could be deleted automatically after a set duration of time or be stored for a long time until they are deleted.

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