how to delete a second instagram account

Top Answer: How to delete a second Instagram account

  • You’ll need to sign out of your account by clicking the icon for your profile in the top-right corner of the home page.
  • After you’ve been unlogged, click on the “Settings” button in the upper-right corner.
  • Scroll to the bottom and choose “Delete Account.”
  • Log in with your password and username, then click “Delete Account.

How to delete one of your Instagram accounts or quit them

How To Remove Multiple Account Login In Instagram (2021) How To Remove Multiple Instagram Account

How can I get rid of my other Instagram account completely?
Visit your Delete Account page on the browser on your computer or smartphone. If you’re not logged to Instagram via the internet you’ll be asked to log in. You aren’t able to remove your Instagram account from the application. Select the option you want to remove in the menu dropdown.

How can I obtain Instagram to remove the account that is inactive for 2022?
What can I do to ask Instagram to take down an account that is not active. There are two options available when you need to reach Instagram by using the Instagram app or sending an email. If you aren’t able to access your Instagram account through your app, you could make use of a different Instagram account to file a complaint.

Where can you find the deletion of your Instagram account? Instagram?
On a mobile or computer browser, sign into the account you have created on your Instagram account. … Select an option from the drop-down menu next to “Why are you deleting your account” on the Delete Your Account page (

How do you delete your Instagram account?
Visit Instagram’s Instagram account settings, then log off from both accounts. Both accounts are ready to use by pressing a button to the Instagram home screen. Press the Edit button located at the lower right of the page. Take out any checkmarks in front of the account that you’d like to remove by pressing the x symbol on top of it.

What is the reason Instagram 2022 the last year that Instagram has been deleting accounts?
In 2022, it will be necessary to require an AD Budget if you’re looking to grow your Instagram following. IG is now preventing accounts from being reinstated that have been removed due to an excessive amount of followers. A customer of mine recently that she was following more than 6000 people. We had to limit her followers following her after she was following way too many people.

How long do I have to be able to keep my Instagram profile inactive until 2021?
What’s the maximum time for which your Instagram profile is able to be deactivated? You can maintain the Instagram account temporarily unaffected for however long you like and you’re not in danger loss of your private data. Prior to this, after a period of one month, Instagram would reactivate your account on autopilot.

How can I delete my other Instagram account for 2022?
To begin, visit the Instagram Help Center and proceed to the “Delete Your Account” page to deactivate an associated Instagram account. After that, select “Delete My Account”, sign in on the Instagram account you wish to delete, and complete the form.

How do I delete one of the many Instagram accounts I’ve connected to one account?
To deactivate 2 Instagram accounts, visit”Login Info” and then the “Login Info” menu and eliminate one. Then, you’ll need to select”Accounts” or the “Accounts Center” option if you’d like to disconnect your Instagram account to Facebook. To unlink the two Instagram accounts, you’ll have to download the Instagram mobile application.

After deleting my Instagram account, can I get it back?
There’s no way to reactivate the account that had been unlocked by someone who was able to access your password. You can create an entirely new Facebook account using the email that you used before however, you can’t make use of your username.

Can Instagram remove my account when I deactivate it?
If you deactivate your account for a short period of time, it will remain in the account, it will remain removed from view until you can reactivate it by logging back in. It’s much easy to disable temporarily an Instagram account than to completely remove it, which involves sending a request through Instagram.

How do I archive my Instagram?
This function can be used by tapping on a post that you’d like to archive, then clicking the three dots located in the upper right-hand corner, and then selecting Archive on the drop-down menu. The post will disappear from the profile following that.

  After 30 days, does Instagram delete your account?
After 30 days the account you have created will be permanently deleted with your other friends as well as Snaps chats and stories. Your username will not be accessible. … Enter your username as well as the password of the account you’d like to remove. Click Login and then repeat the process.

Can I activate my Instagram account after one year?
If you’d prefer to take a break from Instagram you can remove your account. It is only Instagram accounts that are deactivated can be restored but your account will remain deleted when it’s removed.

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